A long wait of 22 years to hold the most coveted statuette – Will Leonardo DiCaprio win the Oscar this time??

The night when the stars will descend on the red carpet leading to the Dolby Theatre of Hollywood has come. And with the starry descend; all hopes of the fans of Leonardo DiCaprio are touching the sky. The question- Will Leonardo DiCapriowin an Oscar? The world wants him to exit the Dolby Theatre with that Award, and he deserves it in all its glory. He has been nominated in the ‘Best Performance by an actor in a leading role’ category for his spine-chilling performance in the film ‘The Revenant.’ And before this, he has been nominated for the coveted award five times but never has he got the chance to give a winning speech. Let’s take a look at his tryst with the statuette which he has never landed in his hands.


1 Previous Nominations

The first time ever that Leonardo DiCaprio got a nomination was when he just 19 years old. He got nominated in the ‘Best Actor in a Supporting Role’ category for the movie ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape?’ This was way back in 1994 and eleven years later, he got nominated in the ‘Best Actor’ category for ‘The Aviator.’ Then again he got nominated in the same category for the movie ‘Blood Diamond’ in 2007. Then came “The Wolf of Wall Street’, for which he was nominated in the ‘Best Actor’ category and also under ‘The Best Motion Picture of the Year’ category as he produced the film with Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Martin Scorsese and Joey McFarland. But as fate would have it, he didn’t receive either of them. And this time, it’s for ‘The Revenant’, a movie which literally made him and the entire cast and crew of the film live in hellish conditions and made him do some the most unimaginable things, but he did them all of it with all his courage and showed extraordinary skills.

Previous Nominations

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2 The portrayal of Hugh Glass

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the central role of a real-life folk hero Hugh Glass who was an expert fur trapper. How Glass exacts revenge for the wrong done to him becomes the core theme of the movie directed by Alejandro G. Iñárittu and set in 1823. DiCaprio becomes a real-life character and the suffering protagonist of the film (aspects which are loved by the Academy Jury), for which he even endured harshest of the climates and ate bison liver, slept in horse’s carcass, crawled almost through half of the film and these are just the things he did physically. Though, most of his performance is without dialogues, but then, that’s the beauty of it. His eyes, expressions and body movements say more than what words could ever have said. His gut-wrenching and naturally raw performance made the entire experience all too visceral. Now, does he not deserve the Oscar?

The portrayal of Hugh Glass

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3 What are the chances?

Well, looking at the kind of performance and the fact that ‘The Revenant’ has got 12 nominations and also the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio has won almost all the major awards including the Golden Globes and the BAFTA till now for playing Hugh Glass, the chances are supremely in his favor. Though, some people are also contending that he does not deserve it, for maybe the others deserve it more. Now it’s all up to the Academy Jury!Do they still want to let DiCaprio wait to hold the Oscar or do they just acknowledge that he is one of the best actors in Hollywood today who rightly deserves to be honored for his craftsmanship. But seriously, 22 years is a long time. Give him his Gold Man now!!

What are the chances?

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