8 Overexposed celebrities in Hollywood

Celebrities get media attention because of several reasons. Media plays a significant role in distributing news related to celebrities to the general public. Some celebrities do not like too much attention while others crave the attention of the media. It seems like they want everyone to know every small detail of their lives.

These days, there are a few celebs who seem to be on the cover of every entertainment magazine and at the forefront of every online entertainment source and entertainment TV channel. Here is a list of the most overexposed celebrities in Hollywood.

1 Kim Karidarshan

Kim Karidarshan is at the top of the list of celebrities who get so much attention from the media. She is an American model and businesswoman and is best known for her sexy figure. It has been said that Karidarshan loves to get attention from the media and will attend parties and events to get her picture published in all popular publications. There was a time when she made a sex tape with Ray J. She is one of the most overexposed celebrities because of her massive wedding and short-lived marriage.

Kim Karidarshan

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