8 Most expensive celebrity plastic surgeries that will leave you dazed

While beauty has taken over brains, plastic has replaced natural things. Most of the people today want to look more beautiful than everyone else and will go to any extent to get their flaws corrected. There are some who get a small non surgical procedure such as coolsculpting, instead of going for a surgical procedure like a facelift or rhinoplasty, to help them improve their confidence. After all, plastic and cosmetic surgeries are the “in thing”, but it can’t be denied how it makes you feel about yourself when it’s done. However, it is not possible for any Tom Dick and Harry to be able to pay for these affluent procedures. But celebrities can afford them and they go for many procedures to have perfect features. Check out these most expensive plastic surgeries that will make you jump off the couch.


1 Jocelyn Wildenstein ($4 million)

This is the first name that strikes us when we think of (malfunctioned) plastic surgeries. Jocelyn is not someone who rose to fame with her acting, singing, or any such talent, she gained attention because of a series of plastic surgeries that left her looking more like a perilous cat and less of a socialite that she is. She got a number of expensive plastic surgeries like lip injections, cheek injections, multiple facelifts, eye reconstruction, and chin injections among others that cost her millions.

Jocelyn Wildenstein ($4 million)

Image Source: www.tonmaysun.com


2 Kylie Jenner ($2 million)

Kylie was recently in the news for trying to be like her sister Kim Kardashian, with the help of plastic surgery. She did turn out to be much better looking than she earlier was This Jenner beauty spent a fortune to get “just” lip fillers (as per her revelation) and ended up with an increased breast size too! Complimentary services for celebrities do come in handy 😉

Kylie Jenner ($2 million)

Image Source: www.yimg.com


3 Michael Jackson ($1 million)

Trying to overcome all his physical imperfections for 30 years, the extremely popular singer/dancer ended up with a blotched and ugly face after 100 odd operations. Michael Jackson was keen on getting his nose reshaped but was not satisfied with just the nose job. He underwent cheek implants, lip augmentation, bleached skin and botox fillers too, which completely transformed him for the worse eventually and also left a permanent bruise in his bank balance.

Michael Jackson ($1 million)

Image Source: www.celebrityabc.com


4 Demi Moore ($500,000)

The versatile and hot actor, Demi Moore is the next on our list of celebrities who had really expensive plastic surgeries. She is one of those celebs who never stepped out of her youth for a very long time. While people were amazed at her frequently changing features and body in her movies, she revelled in it and kept denying any plastic surgery assistance for her endearing looks. However, after enjoying a good career, she finally gave in and revealed about her plastic surgeries that, by that time, had racked up half a million dollars in her bills. The demi goddess had got numerous face lifts, a full body lift, breast implants, besides a kneecap lift.

Demi Moore ($500,000)

Image Source: www.vietgiaitri.com


5 Sharon Osbourne ($185,000)

While dating the popular musician Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon got conscious of her not so beautiful self and decided to go under the knife to enhance her physical features and assets to match her beau’s fancy style. However, after spending $185,000 on plastic surgery procedures, she realised she could never attain the zenith of beauty and finally surrendered and accepted herself as she was. This realization dawned on her after spending a mammoth amount on arms and legs lift, breast reduction and lift, breast implants, neck lift, tummy tuck surgery, rejuvenation of female parts and a number of facial surgeries.

Sharon Osbourne ($185,000)

Image source: www.media6.tiin.vn


6 Christopher Maloney ($100,000)

Next in this list is the reality TV star, Christopher Maloney, who rose to fame with ‘X Factor’. The wonderful singer finished third in the competition and had become quite a popular name among the masses. However, it seems that his talented voice was not enough and he preferred to enhance his looks with the help of plastic surgeries. Maloney spent $100,000 on a couple of nose jobs, three hair transplants and an eyelid lift before looking content.

Christopher Maloney ($100,000)

Image Source: www.shemazing.net


7 Joan Rivers ($99,000)

In the male dominated world of stand-up comedy, Joan Rivers was one woman who was quite a natural and enthralled everyone with her wits and comic timing. With the passage of time, she started losing her charm and resorted to plastic surgery to keep up with her career. She had around 739 minor plastic surgery procedures, including Botox injections, which have rendered her face emotionless, just what she banks her comedy on. She spent a whopping $99,000 for this emotionless face.

Joan Rivers ($99,000)

Image Source: www.pinimg.com


8 Kris Jenner ($70,000+)

Botox, fillers, laser surgery are just a few of the plastic surgeries that this Kardashian mother has been through. And, the lady is not shy about revealing her love for cosmetic procedures. Kris has spent around $70,000 on getting her features boosted with the help of lifts and breast enhancements but denies getting any procedure done on her eyes and nose.

These are just a few of the expensive celebrity plastic surgeries and I’m sure you are already sweating out calculating the turnover of plastic surgery industry. Well, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder (read “beauty lies in the skilled hands of the plastic surgeon”).

Kris Jenner ($70,000+)

Image Source: www.wp.com


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