8 Celebs who were nabbed for stealing

Celebrities are supposed to be role models for their young fans who look up to them and follow their every move, no matter how big or how little.


But contrary to popular belief, many of the celebrities have been caught red handed in the act of stealing. The victims have been stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Barney’s and many more. And some of the celebs gave some of the most unbelievable reasons for stealing after they got caught. Also embarrassing is the list of things that these celebs got caught trying to steal.

So here are 8 multi-millionaire celebrities who can buy anything they want, but still got caught trying to steal things from stores. Are there any celebs in the list your favourites?


1 Megan Fox

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Transformers star and extremely sexy Megan Fox has built her name on basis of her looks and body alone. She now has everything she needs including millions of dollars to buy anything and everything she desires.

But during her days of struggle in Hollywood, she was caught stealing makeup from a local Wal-Mart store. She has since been banned for life from the supermarket chain and would probably have to look for another supermarket for her daily needs now.

Megan Fox

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2 Lindsay Lohan

Once a famous child star, Lindsay Lohan has every chance to become one of the best actresses in Hollywood. But addiction to drugs and alcohol ruined every chance for her. She has even being arrested multiple times for stealing things.


Her most infamous case was when she was believed to have stolen jewellery from a designer store. She said that she didn’t knew that the items was in her purse, but was made to pay a hefty fine, as no one seemed to believe her story.

Lindsay Lohan

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3 Britney Spears

In 2007, singer Britney Spears was caught stealing a cheap wig that was valued at less than $100. This was the time before she had a change in her personality and she released some great music.

Then came the crazy phase and Spears has since trying to come out of the hole she dug up for herself and regain the lost glory that made her one of the most popular stars in the world at one time.

 Britney Spears

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4 Amanda Bynes

Another famous former child star Amanda Bynes was known for her shows on Nickelodeon. She is now known for her crazy antics and her even crazier social media posts.


She was caught stealing clothes from a store in New York and was fined for the same. Another of her crazy antics were when she took a cab ride from New York to Los Angeles just to visit her parents.

Amanda Bynes

Image Source: www.masterherald.com


5 Tila Tequila

Probably the most embarrassing celeb stealing something stories of all. In 2010, Tila tequila was caught stealing bubble-gum from a CVS store. According to the reports, security held her back and asked her to pay for the item she stole which probably cost around $1 or so or she would face arrest.

Fortunately, Tequila paid for the item, but the incident has forever been a cause of embarrassment for her.

Tila Tequila

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org


6 Kesha

Before Kesha was the multi-millionaire, platinum album selling singer and songwriter, she used to live out of her car, struggling to make a hold of herself in the industry.

She used to beg and steal for things like food, water and necessary supplies in order to just get by in life. She certainly is not proud of what she did, but every one requires, food and water to survive.


Image Source: www.therichestimages.com


7 Courtney Love

Widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, singer Courtney Love was arrested for stealing when she was only 14 years old. Instead of being punished by her parents, she was sent to a foster home and she got herself emancipated at the age of just 16.

Courtney Love

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8 Stephanie Pratt

The Hills reality TV show star Stephanie Pratt was arrested in 2006 for stealing $3,100 worth of stuff from a Neiman Marcus store in Honolulu. This was a phase when she was addicted to drugs in a big way and was leading a very troubled life with multiple arrests for getting herself in trouble all the time.


She eventually got herself together and now has a growing empire of her own and things are looking bright for this lady.

Stephanie Pratt

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