8 Celebrity Fathers Who Brought Up Their Children Single-Handedly

Being a single parent is a pretty tough task as a person has to fulfill all the duties and responsibilities of both, father and mother. Mostly, we see women taking care of their kids as a single parent but there are some men also who are bringing up their kids as single parent.


Break-ups and divorces are a common thing in Hollywood but sometimes, the kids have to bear the brunt of unfortunate incidents. There are some male celebrities also who are bringing up their kids as single parent and today we will talk about few of them in a little detail.

1Al Pacino

The American actor and filmmaker has been entertaining us for almost 50 years and he can be called as one of the most highly decorated actors because of the number of awards and recognitions received by him. In the year 2003, he was voted as the greatest film star of all times by the viewers of the Channel 4.

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His kids:

Al Pacino never got married but he is a father of three kids. In 1989, his eldest daughter was born while in 2001, he became father of twins – Olivia and Anton with actress Beverly D’Angelo. They both got separated after some years but they kept common child custody and Al Pacino has always tried to manage his work in such a manner that he can spend quality time with his kids.

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2Norman Reedus

The American actor has done many roles in movies and TV series but he is best known for his performances in The Walking Dead and The Boondock Saints series. He is a television host and model as well and he has walked the ramp for various famous fashion designers.

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His Kids:

Norman has a son, Mingus with supermodel Helena Christensen, the couple dated for almost five years before getting separated and now Mingus is 19 yrs old. At present, Norman is in relationship with Diana Kruger and in 2018, the couple becomes proud parents of a young baby daughter.

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