8 Celebrities who have had their butts enhanced and enlarged

Once cosmetic surgery was seen as a taboo and the society usually didn’t accept people and especially women who underwent these surgeries just for the sake of it. It was only deemed acceptable if something in the physical appearance really needed surgery to correct a deformity.


But with the advent of TV and cinema, such cosmetic surgeries become the only way for actresses and actors to enhance their image in order to look good from others who stood in their competition. Slowly even the society approved this and now in the modern age, actresses, singer and models all have got their butts enhanced as an attempt to stand out in the crowd of similar people.

For some it worked, while some took it to the extreme level and we have a list of 8 such celebrities who got butt enlargement surgery. You decide whether it looks good on them or not.


1 Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson is perhaps the first adult film star to become a millionaire doing adult films. She is also known as a trendsetter in the industry, but she is now retired and a mother to 2 kids.

Despite her getting older, she hasn’t stopped getting surgical enhancements. On her 38th birthday, the media witnessed her newest assets on her back. She confidently showed off her new goods and soaked in all the adulation. It is not uncommon for women in the porn industry to undergo such surgical enhancements. People pay good money to see women who fit a particular physical aesthetic, one shared by many adult film stars and cam girls alike – prijzen / verborgen kosten.

Jenna Jameson

Image source: www.pinimg.com

2 Virginia Gallardo

Virginia Gallardo is known for showing off her extreme posterior. Her Instagram feed and video accounts are filled with images of her posing with her butt being the focus of the attention. And she is not hesitant to let other people know that she is proud of her butt and she has coped a lot of criticism for the same.

Virginia Gallardo

Image Source: www.ggpht.com

3 Vanity Wonder

Vanity Wonder is a well-known model in the entertainment and fashion industry. She is also famous for her obsession with her butt. She has appeared in many TV shows as guest and is also part of TV shows where she has shared her fixation for butt enhancement injections.


She reportedly spent $15,000 on butt enlarging medications and surgeries due to her addiction. She even used silicone injections in order to enlarge her posterior.

Vanity Wonder

Image Source: www.whatsonsanya.com


4 Karissa Shannon

Karissa Shannon is known for being one of the three girlfriends of the Playboy owner Hugh Hefner. This got her some major mainline publicity and she was the main model in many playboy magazine shoots.

This playboy stint becomes her chance to enter the reality TV series The Girl Next Door. She has had butt enlargement by using hydrogel injections, but hasn’t gone overboard with the fake stuff and kept it just the right size to suit her body and enhance her beauty.

Karissa Shannon

Image Source: www.vietgiaitri.com

5 Kim Kardashian

Reality TV star and another celebrity who has posed naked for Playboy Kim Kardashian has made a name for herself thanks to her big butt and big breasts.


She is a perfect example of how you can become famous without any actual talents, you just need to present yourself in just the right way and you will sell like hot cake. She has had butt enlargement, breast enlargement and since the birth of her 2 kids, her butt has become the talk of the town.

Kim Kardashian

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

6 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is another artist who depends on her body image in addition to having some good vocal talent. The ‘Anaconda’ hit maker displayed her enormous butt in the song’s music video.


She has also reportedly undergone the knife for a bigger butt as evident from her younger day images and today’s images. These images provide a stark contrast in the size of her backside.

Nicki Minaj

Image Source: www.fansshare.com

7 Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag is known for her reality TV series The Hills. She reported undergone 20 odd surgical procedures in a single day in order to enhance her looks. Those included breast enlargement, butt enlargement, lips augmentation, and nose job amongst other.


She has expressed regret over her beauty surgery addiction as it has seemingly destroyed her personal life and professional career, as she is now known as more of a plastic girl, because of her looks.

Heidi Montag

Image Source: www.ggpht.com

8 Buffie the Body

Buffie the Body or Buffie Carruth is a well-known fitness model, actress and writer. In 2009, she admitted to having some surgical procedures done on her body. She had her breasts enlarged and fats injected into her butt in order to give it a fuller shape.


She also said that the doctor put her on a diet consisting of a special formula, pasta and peanut butter along with a liquid which transformed her body in just 2 weeks.

Buffie the Body

Image Source: www.therichestimages.com


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