8 Celebrities who are big time social media attention seekers!

Social media has become one of the best set of tools to be in touch with everyone at the same time. It can also be used to market yourself, share your feelings and generally rant about stuff.


Even celebrities have jumped on the social media bandwagon to stay in touch with their fans and doing other things. Though most of them have a professional PR machinery working on their official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Most of them also have personal pages on these websites where they post stuff that you won’t find on their official pages.

Since a popular official page on social media isn’t guaranteed, most of the celebs have become obsessed with posting every little details of their life online along with videos and images of their children, dogs, themselves with clothes and without clothes in order to garner more and more followers and keep their popularity going.


Here are 8 such celebs that would do anything to be popular and seek attention on social media.

1 Rihanna

Rihanna is one singing star that you can categorise as obsessed with social media. Her favorite medium is Instagram, the photo sharing website; on which she posts numerous images every day. Most of the images of her have her clothed in a very skimpy manner.


She is very active on social media and somehow finds time from various concerts, performances and recordings to poke random followers on their profiles and leave comments and also post hilarious insults on fellow celebrity profiles.


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2 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift likes to post pictures of her girl posse. Every time a new girl is added in her crew and they go party, you are sure to find many images of them on her Instagram and Facebook page.

Swift recently admitted in an interview that she hates the feeling on not being liked or involved and hence she tends to collect friends in numbers. Her images are mostly of her girl crew enjoying the sun in bikinis, or at some random Hollywood party.

Taylor Swift

Image Source: www.zeleb.es

3 Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham is a reality TV star famous for being featured on Teen mom. She is obsessed with putting every little detail of her daughter Sophia’s daily routine on her social media pages. She is known for posting old videos of her daughter and then getting into debates about her actions. She is also known to do anything to get attention whether in person or on social media.

Farrah Abraham

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4 Chrissy Teagen

Model Chrissy Teagen is known for being featured in the Sports Illustrated magazine and that’s about it. She has done nothing of value since then, but you will find her ranting on her social media pages about various things.


Since she got pregnant, her social media pages are filled with almost minute-to-minute updates about her upcoming childbirth. You will also find her posting images of herself almost completely nude, doing random things in her house.

Chrissy Teagen

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5 Heidi Montag

The Hills star and poster girl for plastic surgery, Heidi Montag is desperate for attention since her TV show came to an end in 2009. She regularly posts pictures of her in skimpy outfits and bikinis and excerpts from her interviews with various magazines.

She uses social media to cling onto those 15 minutes of fame she got way back in 2009 thanks to her appearance on MTV’s The Hills show.

Heidi Montag

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6 Selena Gomez

A big and growing star like Selena Gomez has so many things going on in her life simultaneously that she might find it difficult to control all of them. But sometimes her habit and need to put every little detail of her life on her social media pages means that she is under constant scrutiny of the nosey media.

Her on/off relationship with Justin Bieber, her feud with fellow singer Demi Lovato and her images from photoshoots constantly adore her Facebook and Instagram feeds, making her the center of attraction. Then she complains about the said attention being put on her!

Selena Gomez

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


7 Miley Cyrus

Infant terrible Miley Cyrus has made her life a crazy spiral and she is getting caught in it big time. She is always posting pictures of herself almost nude, simply dressed or in compromising positions to tell the world that she is not the same sweet Miley Cyrus they loved on Disney’s Hannah Montana. All she does is for shock value and attention purposes, but the sheer craziness of her posts and the amount of images that she posts makes us think that she finds it entertaining.

Miley Cyrus

Image Source: www.wp.com

8 Kylie Jenner

Here is someone who has built a career out of posting images in bikinis on social media. Sister of pseudo star Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner is known for her risqué Instagram image feed.


Her need for attention makes her post anything and everything about her life like her dating a rapper and then denying it. Or having a complete feud on social media with fellow celebrity Blac Chyna, Kylie knows which buttons to press for attention on social media and she is doing a great job of pressing those buttons cleverly.

Kylie Jenner

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