7 Best Bond gadgets from Q’s laboratory

Since the arrival of Daniel Craig as 007 in James bond films, the makers have somewhat stopped focusing on those stylish and glitzy gadgets, which were one of the main highlights of all James bond films before ‘Casino Royale’ (2006). Well, Craig is definitely not to be blamed for it, the makers should be if you miss them in the recent bond films. But one aspect of the change is that the makers seem to have taken the level from stylized portrayal to another point which focuses more on the story and performances rather than the usage of those glitzy gadgets. And now that ‘Spectre’ has broken all records, and many of you must be under the Bond effect, we thought how would it be to make you feel a bit nostalgic by discussing about the fantastic bond gadgets. The older generation may start remembering, how they were amazed when they saw these gadgets on screen and the younger/newer generation of Bond fans will know how one of their favorite characters used to play with unbelievable gadgets.


Here we are going to talk about the 7 most fantastic bond gadgets, made for 007 by the Q department of MI6. And yes, Q stands for Quartermaster (the head of Q division, the department responsible for giving Bond, all those fantastic gadgets).

1 Jet pack (Bell rocket pack)

If your girlfriend lives few blocks away, then this gadget might have been very useful for you. In the 1965 film ‘Thunderball’, a Jetpack was used by Sean Connery to fly and escape from the two gunmen from the roof of a mansion. Jetpack was actually a full-fledged flying device which had roughly 20-22 seconds of flying time. The average distance it could have covered at that time was 240-250 meters. It was powered by hydrogen, which gave 18 meters as the maximum altitude.

Jet pack (Bell rocket pack)

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2 X-ray goggles

I know what must have come to the minds of the male readers at the first instance after reading it. But it is not what you think it is. In the 1999 film ‘The World is Not Enough’, Pierce Brosnan wears X-Ray goggles in the casino of Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky to see who are the devils dressed in decent clothes. This X-ray goggle could identify hidden weapons and guns under anybody’s dresses.

 X-ray goggles

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3 Multi-Purpose Mobile phone

Well, with the amount of association we have with our mobile phones, it would not be a surprise if after ten years we expect our phones to iron our clothes or toast our breads. Jokes apart, technology has its limitations which the Bond movies surely didn’t agree with. In the 1997 film ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, James bond was given an Erricson phone which included a finger print scanner and a 20k volt security system. When the phone was opened up horizontally, it served as the remote control for his new car. The car could start with just two taps on the phone and driven just by playing with the phone.

Multi-Purpose Mobile phone

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4 Rocket-Firing Cigarette

For it is a known fact among Bond fans that he is a chain smoker and so was Mr Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond novels. So incorporating a weapon in a cigarette became very obvious for the character of James bond. In the 1967 film ‘You Only Live Twice’ Sean Connery was provided with a rocket cigarette which fired a bullet to an accuracy of 30 yards. Perhaps, it was the only cigarette which killed somebody else and not it’s smoker!

Rocket-Firing Cigarette

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5 Glass exploding Ring

Who doesn’t like to break a glass? Well, for the fun of it, we all do and so does Mr. Bond but in style! In the 2002 Bond film ‘Die Another Day’, among the several other gadgets was this ring, which when twisted could just break the glass instantly. Even if it was a bullet proof one. Glass shattering could not get easier than this, don’t you think so?

Glass exploding Ring

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6 Watch- A new Bond means a new watch, and with the new one comes new tricks

In the 1995 film ‘Golden Eye’ Bond’s new Omega watch was not just classy as hell but it also had a laser cuter and an inbuilt On/Off switch for the explosives. Watches show time, for Bond it bought more time by saving him.

Watch- A new Bond means a new watch, and with the new one comes new tricks

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7 Ashton martin DB-5

This is the biggest gadget in terms of size among all the other ones, well obviously because it’s a car. But it’s not just a usual one. The amount of weapons, this car possessed at that was just fabulous. Revolving number plates , GPS Dashboard, and under the arm rest there were controls for other hosts of defense tactics and attack techniques. The front wing machine guns , oil slick, and my favorite was the ejector seat, with which Bond could just throw ‘up’ his enemy out of the car.


Ashton Martin did its debut in Bond films through the 1964 film ‘Goldfinger’ and then it came again in ‘Thunderball’ in 1965. Then came the Alfa Romeos, BMWs, and few others. In the 2012 film ‘Skyfall’, Ashton Martin again came on the scene with the same class and weapons it had back then.

Ashton martin DB-5

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Being a true blue Bond fan, I surely miss all those unbelievably working Bond gadgets and the briefings of gadgets by Q, who used to be an old super-confident scientist always taking a dig at Bond, though the gadgets are still there, even Q is still there, but now he is a young man with a quite and sober attitude. But, we can’t really complain, because now the story and action sequences and the scale of the films are so great, that we just enjoy the Bond movies.


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