15 Prenup Details Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Lawyer Don’t Want You To Know

Prince Harry is set to marry Suits star Meghan Markle this May, and while the Royal household is all abuzz with their wedding planning, their lawyers are hard at work to create an ironclad prenuptial agreement, keeping both the bride’s and groom’s interest in mind. Prince Harry has a net worth of billions and in every Royal wedding, there are a lot of financial agreements necessary. For instance, Harry’s parents, Charles and Diana’s divorce was a messy one. So, it is understandable if Harry and Meghan are being careful.

But there are details about the couple which their lawyers do not want the public to know. Have a look:

1Meghan could make Harry broke if there’s a divorce

If there is a divorce at some point, and the prenup agreement is weak or loophole-ridden, Harry could find himself quite penniless, as Meghan will walk away with most of his net worth. So, a prenup, for the protection of Harry’s assets is very important.

prince harry and meghan markle

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2Can Meghan be the perfect Royal

Meghan Markle might be a sought-after TV star and an activist, but she is after all, a commoner. Every commoner faces tremendous pressure to fit into the Royal household and uphold their name. The prenup also includes these facets and Meghan is under legal contract to abide by royal rules. While, Diana and Kate, both had fared splendidly well with the public, time will tell how Meghan does.

Can Meghan be the perfect Royal

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3Harry’s bad habits

Harry reportedly has been asked to give up smoking before his marriage. Meghan does not like smokers and this might be a solid reason for a breakup or a massive fight.

Harry’s bad habits

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4The Queen is watching everything

The Queen is not just a Queen of the country, but also one for her family, and she is the final decider in every matter. Be it the wedding China or the prenup. Queen Elizabeth II has always been involved in the marriages of her children and grandchildren and has made decisions for them. From public appearances to personal tiffs, you can’t do anything without letting the Queen know.

The Queen is watching everything

Image Source: www.thesun.co.uk

5Do Meghan’s parents approve?

The Royal lawyers definitely do not want you to find out about Meghan’s parents’ views about Prince Harry. While Meghan’s mom has made her peace with the Royal wedding, Meghan’s father has made some disapproving comments about Harry in public. The parents’ wishes can be a major dampener in any relationship, and the Royal couple are no different, and the lawyers are right to be nervous.

Meghan Markles Mother

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