15 Prenup Details Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Lawyer Don’t Want You To Know

Prince Harry is set to marry Suits star Meghan Markle this May, and while the Royal household is all abuzz with their wedding planning, their lawyers are hard at work to create an ironclad prenuptial agreement, keeping both the bride’s and groom’s interest in mind. Prince Harry has a net worth of billions and in every Royal wedding, there are a lot of financial agreements necessary. For instance, Harry’s parents, Charles and Diana’s divorce was a messy one. So, it is understandable if Harry and Meghan are being careful.


But there are details about the couple which their lawyers do not want the public to know. Have a look:


1Meghan could make Harry broke if there’s a divorce

If there is a divorce at some point, and the prenup agreement is weak or loophole-ridden, Harry could find himself quite penniless, as Meghan will walk away with most of his net worth. So, a prenup, for the protection of Harry’s assets is very important.

prince harry and meghan markle

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2Can Meghan be the perfect Royal

Meghan Markle might be a sought-after TV star and an activist, but she is after all, a commoner. Every commoner faces tremendous pressure to fit into the Royal household and uphold their name. The prenup also includes these facets and Meghan is under legal contract to abide by royal rules. While, Diana and Kate, both had fared splendidly well with the public, time will tell how Meghan does.

Can Meghan be the perfect Royal

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3Harry’s bad habits

Harry reportedly has been asked to give up smoking before his marriage. Meghan does not like smokers and this might be a solid reason for a breakup or a massive fight.

Harry’s bad habits

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4The Queen is watching everything

The Queen is not just a Queen of the country, but also one for her family, and she is the final decider in every matter. Be it the wedding China or the prenup. Queen Elizabeth II has always been involved in the marriages of her children and grandchildren and has made decisions for them. From public appearances to personal tiffs, you can’t do anything without letting the Queen know.

The Queen is watching everything

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5Do Meghan’s parents approve?

The Royal lawyers definitely do not want you to find out about Meghan’s parents’ views about Prince Harry. While Meghan’s mom has made her peace with the Royal wedding, Meghan’s father has made some disapproving comments about Harry in public. The parents’ wishes can be a major dampener in any relationship, and the Royal couple are no different, and the lawyers are right to be nervous.

Meghan Markles Mother

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6Royal history of marriages

From Charles and Diana’s divorce to Prince Andrew and Sarah Fergusson’s split, the Royal family does not have the best history when it comes to sustaining a relationship. Amid this just makes the prenup a more difficult one, as lawyers have to take into account all the possible ways their marriage can fail.

Royal history of marriages

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7Meghan’s career

It is no secret that the Royal family looks down upon showbiz industry. In fact, Meghan is one of the first actors to have been married into the British monarchy. While, Kate and Diana have had regular jobs, being famous was kind of Meghan’s job already, and she has her own league of followers and fans, and a separate identity other than the Royal one. This might be an issue in their marriage later.

Meghan career

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8The drama

Did you know that the Queen did not attend Prince Charles’ second marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles, as she was a divorcee? Meghan, too, is a divorcee and there are rumours that she never wanted to attend Harry and Meghan’s wedding either. But since, she adores Harry and he is her youngest grandchild, she will make an appearance. But this tells us, that the Queen is not too ecstatic with the Royal wedding.


Camilla Parker

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9Harry, the womaniser

Harry’s past relationships are no secret. From socialites to models, Harry has had an eventful youth, and while no one is judging that, this makes things a little difficult for his legal team. They have to take extra precautions while drawing his prenup, so that even if he goes back to his past ways, his reputation or money are not in trouble.

Harry the womaniser

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10Meghan’s grooming

Meghan Markle did not just give up her acting career, but also her personal activism and her social media life. And stakes have never been higher for a commoner marrying a Royal. The prenup must take her sacrifice and her expectations into account, as she has a lot to lose if her marriage does not work out.

Meghans grooming

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11The media scrutiny

Though Meghan is used to paparazzi and media interaction,s she has never faced scrutiny on this level. And it is only going to get worse after her wedding to Harry. From her hair to her shoes, to her speech, everything will be under the media and public scanner. The Royals think they owe this to their people, but Meghan is not a Royal, and might just get sick of it.

The media scrutiny

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12Meghan’s Royal duties

Though Meghan is under Royal agreement to perform her Royal duties, some of the work might not be cut out for her. Especially since, she has a significant fan following, and Meghan might not want to do something that upsets them.

Meghan’s Royal duties

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13No personal charities

Meghan can no longer be involved with her personal charities and neither can she express her own political opinion in public. For Meghan, who has been a vocal supporter of many causes, this might be an issue, and must have found a mention in the prenup, too.

No personal charities

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14The Queen insists

The Queen wants to make sure that there is a prenup involved so that all the parties are safely protected. Meghan cannot be too happy about a prenup, as it is just a sign that a marriage won’t last, but Charles and Diana’s divorce has left the Royal household with some bitter memories and the Queen will not budge.

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15Life in London

Not only does Meghan have to adjust to a whole other lifestyle and family, but also to a whole new city. The transition is tremendous for Meghan, who mostly divided her time between New York and Los Angeles. The prenup must take into accord the entire new life which Meghan is opting for.

Life in London

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