15 Inspiring lessons one can learn from the Life of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was an incredible man, known as a digital visionary; he hatched his igniting dreams in a car garage. He with his perfect partner, Steve Wozniak predicted the future of computers and made it a reality. Jobs had an innate skill to motivate and manage people so magically that they did best with him being around. And, still he keeps on doing it even after being an inseparable part of the soil. Here are some inspiring lessons you can learn from the life of Steve Jobs, the man who revived the digital world.


1 Good Partnerships Means Better results

Jobs partnered with Steve Wozniak to create their first computer. Wozniak single-handedly worked to make his friend’s dream a reality. So, always pick partners carefully and don’t allow anything to be a hindrance between the both of you. Stud trust into your mind and enjoy the yield it brings.

Steve Wozniak and steve jobs working on there first computer

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2 Don’t be Satisfied Soon

Steve Jobs was a man who never became satisfied at once and he always aimed big. Jobs thought about how to improve Apple products even when the world praised them for the ultimate quality. So, try to be better, if Steve Jobs could never be satisfied, how can you be?

Don't settle, as with all matters of the heart you'll know whenyou find it

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3 Things May Turn Around

During the 1990s, Apple became an alluring company people wanted to work in. But then, Steve was thrown out of Apple Inc due to some clashes he had with the new CEO. He never banged his head though; instead Jobs created Pixar animation and became the largest share holder of the Walt Disney Company. He shows us the path to be taken in the course of an adversity. He faced this situation in the bravest way possible and we should also be doing this; try to be brave to face worse times and still have the courage to take action.

Steve Job's Pixar animation studio

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4 Never Give Up; Keep Trying

Life of Steve Jobs was not less than a roller coaster ride with it’s great ups and downs, but he never gave up. Steve tried his best at Pixar and produced a super hit film, Toy Story. Can you imagine what would have happened if he had stopped working after his exit from the Apple ? If he did, you would not have the royal iPhone now. So you can never give up.

Life of Steve Jobs

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5 Take Risks

Results are the fruits of risks. If you don’t take risks, you can’t get results. Steve Jobs went on to launch iPhone when others thought it would be a threat to the massive popularity of iPod. But nothing bad happened and at the end of the day, Apple only reaped more.

Steve jobs launching iphone 4s

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6 Build a Personal Brand

This is a lesson for everyone working in the corporate sector. Love your work and make as many connections as you can. So, you will have many doors to knock even when the company gets rid of you. Steve Jobs himself was a large brand. It enabled him to live without depending on Apple only.

Steve jobs with apple logo

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7 Don’t Show off Your Salary

You may find this weird, but it’s important to keep your salary a secret. Steve Jobs did somewhat superior to this by taking only one dollar monthly. But he made sure to earn good by keeping a number of Apple shares and he did become a millionaire!

Don’t Show off Your Salary

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8 Do What You Love

Doing something, which never keeps us interested in it, is quite boring. What if you are compelled to do the same job daily? Sadly, this is how most people work. In such a scenario, you will have an urge to leave it when the going gets tough. That’s why Steve chose the path he wanted to follow. Always do what you love, or at least try hard to love what you do.

Do What You Love

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9 Indent Your Own Sign in the World

Millions of men have walked over the surface of the earth since the origin of the human race. But, how many of them did something because of which they would be remembered? Very few!! People are busy doing regular stuff. But, Steve Jobs revolutionized the digital world, something that couldn’t be done by others and he will be remembered forever.


Try to take a less travelled path and believe in what you do. The world may be known by your name tomorrow.

We are here to put a dent in the universe. Ohtherwise why  else even be here

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10 Don’t Wait to Take Action

Steve Jobs wasn’t hesitant to take action when an idea struck his mind. When two Steves unveiled Apple I, Jobs was only a teenager. The decision of starting soon gifted him more experience. That’s what he teaches us, to start early, no matter what.

Think different by Steve Jobs

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11 Have Faith in Yourself

You will be what you believe to be. Irrespective of the adversities faced, Steve Jobs had strong faith in himself. Whenever you have a problem, keep reminding yourself that it’s not perennial. And, do what you have to do to get to the goal.

"Don't let the noise of other people's opinions drown out your own inner voice."

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12 Hard working people should be valued

Steve Jobs was excellent in finding the right people to work with him, for him. He would have never made it to the top, if he didn’t bring in the best people to work with him. His first partner Steve Wozniak is the best example in this case. After that too, he appointed amazingly talented and hardworking people like Apple CEO Tim Cook and John Lasseter, Pixar CCO (Chief Creative Officer). He cultivated a passionate working environment in both of his companies, and their names and works surely show this to the world.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

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13 Hard Work is needed to make even a simple thing!

The user interface of Mac and iOS is quite simple. You know what?? Steve and his engineers sacrificed their days and nights to come up with such an adorable design. You need to get the basics simply right for the success. We know it’s easier said than done. So all we will say, just put in all the blood and sweat in something you love.

That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity by steve jobs

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14 Money shouldn’t be Your Primary Motive

Steve Jobs concentrated on developing good and quality products. He never cared about money. He made every product better from time to time. Money followed him as a behoof. You should always primarily concentrate on the satisfaction one thing gives. Be excellent in what you have to do, money will automatically come.

Money shouldn’t be Your Primary Motive

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15 Overnight Success is a Myth

There is nothing like ‘overnight success.’ Hard work and patience are what brings you success. Steve worked hard for almost a decade to be recognized and be what he was.

Overnight Success is a Myth

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We hope these lessons coming from the life of Steve Jobs will fuel your movement to achieve success. Steve Jobs was a unique magical specimen. Hard work was his wand, patience his spells and indomitable grit his gown. You will surely become a winner if you bag these qualities.


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