15 Hollywood Celebrities Who Lived Tragic Lives Inpsite of a Great Career

How many of us believe that a celebrity who makes tons of moolah is actually having a perfect life?? Not quite true actually because then we wouldn’t see tragedies like Chester Bennington, Robin Williams, and Michael Jackson. It’s not a vacation because too much of a good thing is bad and that’s when their fast paced life becomes so overwhelming that they are driven to depression and despair. Here are 15 celebrities with tragic loves and why they were so.


15 Judy Garland, an overworked child star

Judy Garland born Francis Gumm was pushed into performing when she was a toddler by a forceful mother; After she was signed on to MGM at the age of 13, she was continuously harassed and was married off to an older man. She was made to abort her first child buy her husband and mother, made to smoke to curb appetite and forced to maintain a strict diet. She was made to work 72 hour shifts and naps to keep her going were only drug induced. After divorcing she went on to marry twice only to be separated because she caught both husbands in bed with other men. Her older years were marked by depressions and self abuse.


Judy Garland, an overworked child star

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14 Jennifer Hudson‘s family were murdered

Jennifer Hudson’s tragic life is periodically reflected in her songs. In 2008 her mother brother and 7 year old nephew were murdered by her brother in law who is serving three life sentences. The only thing that kept her going she says was her pregnancy which she found out soon after.

Jennifer Hudson‘s family were murdered

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13 Oprah Winfrey had a history of abuse and poverty

Not many know of Oprah’s history. She was abused by a relative when she was 10 years old which continued resulting in her becoming pregnant at 14. Her child was stillborn. Oprah had a poverty stricken childhood and was left in the care of her grandmother which is when the abuse began. When she finally got a job as a news anchor, she escaped that life and never looked back. Oprah believes her life of poverty without love made her successful.


Oprah Winfrey had a history of abuse and poverty

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12 Nicole Kidman felt like she was stuck in a cult

Nicole Kidman admits that when she was married to Tom Cruise she felt as if she was trapped in a cult and it had much to do with his religion being the church of scientology. Kidman herself went on to start an organization to help women like her. Her present husband Keith Urban knows that the scars are still very much left on her.

Nicole Kidman

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11 Kelsey Grammar was plagued by family deaths

Kelsey Grammer is one of the unluckiest among celebrities with tragic lives had a very tragic life. After his parents divorced when he was two, he was sent to live with his grandparents. His grandfather passed away when he was 11. His father was murdered 2 years later in 1968 and seven years later his younger sister Karen was raped and murdered. That wasn’t all, Kelsey’s half brothers died in a scuba diving accident five years later. His best friend David Angell and his wife didn’t make it on the tragic day of 9/11 and if that wasn’t enough his wife murdered his best friend.


Kelsey Grammar

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10 Roy Orbison also experienced family tragedy

Orbison’s first wife died in a motorcycle accident in 1966 after which he went into depression. Five years later he had bypass surgery. Two years later just when he was getting his life together, his two of his three sons died when his house burned down. He went on to have a triple bypass coronary and expired in 1988. Elvis Presley called him the greatest singer in the world.


Roy Orbison family tragedy

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9 Chester Bennington suffered depression and addiction

This is one recent tragedy that shocked music fans worldwide. The Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington earlier admitted how he was the victim of abuse for many years by an older man in whose care he was left as a child. His parents had divorced before that. His life consisted of addiction and substance abuse which progressed along with fame. His family of a wife and his kids never really knew the extent of depression talking hold of him until he hanged himself earlier this month. The trigger was the death of his best friend Chris Cornell who also committed a suicide one week earlier.


Chester Bennington suffered depression and addiction

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8 Rita Hayworth was abused by controlling father and her controlling husband

Rita Hayworth faced a disgusting relationship with her father who abused her repeatedly so much so her mother would sleep with her for her protection. Marrying a much older man was no less a problem who manipulated abused and controlled her as well as cheating on her. Hayworth was abused and controlled practically her whole life.


Rita Hayworth

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7 Charlize Theron‘s mother shot her abusive father

Charlize Theron had a normal celeb life but she has always admitted she was inspired by her mother who ultimately shot her abusive father. During her childhood, her father returned home drunk shooting all over the house claiming he would kill Charlize. But before he could shot Charlize, her mother shot and killed him in front of Charlize’s eyes.


Charlize Theron‘s mother shot her abusive father

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6 Shania Twain was forced to raise her own siblings

Shania Twain the country music star had a poverty stricken childhood and was even abused by her mother’s partner whom she called “dad”. She remembers going hungry most of the time because her mother was to afraid to purchase food. Her parents died when she was 12 leaving her to fend for herself and her five younger siblings. However even her celebrity life was to be plagued by an unfaithful husband. She developed dysphonia which is a physiological ailment that affected her voice box and her singing.


Shania Twain

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5 Rose McGowan was raised in a cult

Rose McGowan claimed that she was once raped by a studio boss. The Charmed star spent nine years of her life as part of the cult, “the Children of God” who mixed free attitude with preparation for the second coming. She was never allowed any contact with family and the world. She said that she had known from the start that there was something wrong with the group’s theology where the only job that its women did was to serve the male members. Her family left the cult when older men started abusing the younger female children. Rose escaped abuse because of her intelligent father who realized that it was time to leave. The cult is now called the Family International.


Rose McGowan

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4 Keanu Reeves lost a best friend, a baby, and a girlfriend

Keanu Reeves life was a tragedy. His father left him when he was three. His best friend was River Phoenix who died from drug overdose when he was 23 which shattered reeves. His girlfriend Jennifer Syme delivered a still born child which ended their relationship Jennifer died in a car accident a year later. Before Phoenix died, Reeves sister was diagnosed with leukemia. However Reeves has always remained positive and even donates to women’s organizations to fight the disease.


Keanu Reeves lost a best friend

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3 Demi Moore’s parents were alcoholics

Demi Moore was raised in Roswell, New Mexico whose father left before she was born. Her stepfather was an alcoholic who committed suicide by inhaling the Co2 from his car exhaust when she was 17. She started her career as a nude model and though it wasn’t the ideal thing to do, it launched her career. Moore’s celebrity life was marked by addiction, failed marriages and a nervous breakdown. Today however she is a sane and sober woman. If hearing about the story of Demi’s stepfather has given you the push you need to visit a drug and alcohol rehab center, then this shows that you are putting yourself first and finally getting the help you need, which is always positive.


Demi Moore

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2 Natalie wood was controlled and overworked her whole life

Natalie Wood debuted as an actress when she was just 5. She never really had a childhood where she was abused by a produce but was stopped form reporting it by her mother. She was actually born Natasha Nikolaevna Zacharenko and hated the fact that she was forced to change her name to Wood. After her failed romance with actor Warren Beatty she tried committing suicide. Eventually she drowned which was a premonition come true by her mother who predicted that “The dark water “would take her one day.

 Natalie wood

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1 The Beach Boys had an overbearing, abusive manager-father

Celebrities with tragic lives have always been abused or controlled by parents. All was not well with the Beach Boys whose manager was their controlling father. The iconic group loved performing but when their father appointed himself manager he pushed them too hard and would resort to physical abuse if they didn’t comply. Murray Wilson was affected deeply by this and resorted to drug and alcohol addiction when older. The band were ordered not to mix with women which failing to do so resulted in fines levied by their father. When he was fired, he sold out their publishing company under their noses for about the equivalent of $4.5 million in 2017.


The Beach Boys had an overbearing

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