15 Hollywood Celebrities Who Lived Tragic Lives Inpsite of a Great Career


How many of us believe that a celebrity who makes tons of moolah is actually having a perfect life?? Not quite true actually because then we wouldn’t see tragedies like Chester Bennington, Robin Williams, and Michael Jackson. It’s not a vacation because too much of a good thing is bad and that’s when their fast paced life becomes so overwhelming that they are driven to depression and despair. Here are 15 celebrities with tragic loves and why they were so.

15 Judy Garland, an overworked child star

Judy Garland born Francis Gumm was pushed into performing when she was a toddler by a forceful mother; After she was signed on to MGM at the age of 13, she was continuously harassed and was married off to an older man. She was made to abort her first child buy her husband and mother, made to smoke to curb appetite and forced to maintain a strict diet. She was made to work 72 hour shifts and naps to keep her going were only drug induced. After divorcing she went on to marry twice only to be separated because she caught both husbands in bed with other men. Her older years were marked by depressions and self abuse.


Judy Garland, an overworked child star

Image Source: www.express.co.uk

14 Jennifer Hudson‘s family were murdered

Jennifer Hudson’s tragic life is periodically reflected in her songs. In 2008 her mother brother and 7 year old nephew were murdered by her brother in law who is serving three life sentences. The only thing that kept her going she says was her pregnancy which she found out soon after.

Jennifer Hudson‘s family were murdered

Image Source: www.brit.co


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