15 Celebrities who delivered Children through Surrogacy just to keep their Figures

Celebrities are popular for their hot bods and their constant media presence looking their finest but what happens when the time comes for becoming a mom? You’ll be surprised at what some celebrities resort to just for maintaining their figures. Celebrities use surrogates to carry their babies. While some do it because of work reasons others do it only for the purpose of not going out of shape. Here are 15 Hollywood celebrities who used surrogates to carry their babies.

15 Tyra Banks had age against her

Tyra banks first child York from photographer boyfriend Erik Asla was born from a gestational surrogacy. The couple has failed in several attempts earlier to conceive and at 43 she did not think it healthy to carry a child so she opted for a surrogate and got to retain her figure.

Tyra banks first child York

Image Source: www.massappealnews.com

14 Elizabeth Banks had womb issues

Elizabeth banks the hunger games star and husband Max handleman had their first two children Felix and Magnus via surrogacy. The star revealed in an interview that she suffered from womb issues and opted for a surrogate pregnancy from the center for surrogate parenting.

Elizabeth Banks with her kids

Image Source: www.celebritybabyscoop.com

13 Lucy Liu opted for surrogacy because of work

Lucy Liu decided to have her son Rockwell Lloyd Liu from a gestational surrogacy in 2015. The Charlie’s Angel star admitted that she did it because of her career which kept her busy the whole time and the idea of a surrogate was the best solution for her.

 Lucy Liu opted for surrogacy because of work

Image Source: www.timeinc.net

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