15 Celebrities We Consider Older Today but Are Still Steamy and Hot


When you’re famous, age turns out to be just a number. Now there are many celebrities out there who do look their age but there are some who although aged still have that oomph factor about them and still look hot. Till now they would make a great pinup for any magazine cover and have shown the world how age is never a factor. Here are 15 such celebrities older but still hot in every sense of the word.

15 Jennifer Aniston

She seems to have got better with age like wine. Aniston even won Spike TV’s “Decade of Hotness” award. If you have seen and doted on her in friends, you will still do so now because at 48, Jennifer Aniston still has the look of a star.


Jennifer Aniston

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

14 Heidi Klum

As a judge on various reality shows notable America’s got Talent, Heidi Klum is still the hot model she was in her younger days. Her figure can still give the younger ones a run for their money and she can certainly teach anybody a thing or two about looking good even at 44.

Heidi Klum

Image Source: www.thr.com

13 Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is 44 but she looks as if she is not crossed 35. She was recently dating standup comedian 21 year old Matt Rife and Beckinsale is still very much a hot topic for Hollywood tabloids. Her secret is a healthy diet and no alcohol.

Kate Beckinsale

Image Source: www.onlyhdpic.com

12 Brad Pitt

He may not win any more sexy man alive awards but that doesn’t mean Brad Pitt isn’t hot. Even at 53, he can still make women’s hearts go a flutter. Brad is still very much in demand and is shooting for a new movie call Ad Astra.

Brad Pitt

Image Source: www.etonline.com


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