15 Ageless Celebrities Who Don’t Seem To Have Aged

We never know how some celebrities look so young, although their real is very old. However, we can only admire the evergreen youthfulness of such stars. Jennifer Lopez, Keanu Reeves, and Jennifer Aniston are a few of the celebs who still look the same as they did years ago. For another example, Paul Rudd is 51 years old, but he still looks the same as he did in the Clueless days.


These celebs have barely gone through any changes in the past two decades. Many of us also think that such personalities have stopped aging because they look so young even after getting older. Let’s know some of these celebs whose current look can’t determine their real age:

1Bianca Lawson

TV series Saved by the Bell: The New Class star Bianca Lawson is 41 now, but no one can say that by looking at her. Her admirers consider her as one of the best actresses, even if she looks young. The 41-year-old actress has mentioned that youth is a mentality that affects how you look. When Bianca fans asked how she still looks so young, she replied “Stick with what’s working and listen to your body.” Too, she always keeps stress levels low, which can be an important secret behind her youthful skin.

Bianca Lawson

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2Paul Rudd

We can probably never forget the role of Paul Rudd as John in the film Clueless, which was a romantic-comedy blockbuster. His fans proudly say that he still looks the same as he did in his 1995 film Clueless. Once fans asked to reveal the secrets behind his mysteriously young glow, and he did reply “I am 80 years old inside.” Paul Rudd made his debut with a TV series called Sisters. Some of his close co-stars even said that he is looking better over time.

Paul Rudd

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3Jennifer Lopez

51-year-old American actress Jennifer Lopez is another celebrity who looks as glamorous today as she did years ago. Though we assume that she may have got some beauty treatments, she reveals her mind-body connection as her real beauty secret. Also, she chooses her diet carefully and often does not forget to meditate. Some of her fans also comment that Jennifer is in her 30s despite being 51 years old. In some interviews, the actress has revealed that she drinks a lot of water, wears SPFs, and eats vegetables and fruits.

Jennifer Lopez

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4Pharrell Williams

American singer Pharrell Williams is currently 47 years old, but he still looks as young as 20 or 25 years ago. The music entrepreneur and artist once told the secrets behind his evergreen young skin, and he said “I exfoliate like a madman.” The pinnacle for ALL fame Williams doesn’t seem to age. And he has maintained his perfect complexion and boyish looks for years now. Even though we do not know the exact things that he uses to look so young, he is probably making a lot of effort to keep his skin youthful.

Pharrell Williams

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