12 Reasons Why We All Call Dolly Parton the Best Celebrity of All Time

Richly versatile, Dolly Rebecca Parton is probably ranked first or second among America’s most famous and successful celebrities. She has built her incredible career mostly without many ups and downs. Dolly Parton has gone through a commendable journey over the last 50-plus years. She debuted as a cheap country wannabe and has now become a global music and film icon.


Dolly Parton’s greatness can be understood by the fact that there is a theme park named and designed in her honor. We want to proudly highlight some of the reasons that make Dolly Parton an internationally cherished celebrity:

1Her Imagination Library distributes more than 130 million books to children

Dolly Parton became the founder of Imagination Library in 1995 to pay tribute to her father, who could not read. Parton’s library has distributed more than 130 million books since its foundation. The singer gives away free books to about 1.5 million children every month in countries such as Canada, Ireland, the US, Australia, and the UK, regardless of their family income. Dolly Parton’s fans call her the Book Lady as she has earned so much respect through this incredibly noble work.

Her Imagination Library distributes more than 130 million books to children

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2Parton’s long-standing love life

Dolly Parton was 18 when she met Carl Thomas Dean during an event at the Nashville Laundromat. She falls in love with Carl Thomas Dean at first sight. After spending some time together, they tied the wedding knot in 1966. As recently as 2016, they celebrated the 50th anniversary of their wedding. However, Carl Thomas Dean has not been seen publicly too much with her.

Parton's long-standing love life

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3She does not hide that she had cosmetic surgery

While most celebs try to hide their truths about getting beauty treatment, Dolly Parton accepts everything she has gone through. Some celebs have had cosmetic surgery but do not accept it at all. On the other hand, there is Parton who also has the guts to make jokes about it. She said that “it costs a lot of money to look this cheap.” And her fans still love this incredible slogan.

She does not hide that she had cosmetic surgery

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4She has earned her name in a male-dominated industry

Dolly Parton entered the world of music in 1966 with her debut song Dumb Blonde. It was Dolly Parton’s first song to chart on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles Chart. Her praiseworthy journey describes how she made her way into a male-dominated industry. Parton’s idea was to represent women in the same industry. Even though Parton’s vocals were quite melodious, the lyrics she wrote sent a strong feminist message.

She has earned her name in a male-dominated industry

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