12 Actors Who Gave Perfect Performances Only Once

Although there is no doubt as to their acting prowess, there are some actors who have peaked in just one movie and have never really managed to rekindle that spark. Those like Leonardo de Caprio have achieved greatness over time and then there are some like Daniel day Lewis who get it right every time. This is a list of actors who shone through their roles but just for one movie. Although it goes without question that these are excellent actors, still that one particular performance has never been repeated. Take a look at 13 actors perfect only once.


12 Gerard Butler – “300”

The intensity Gerard Butler showed in 300 was nothing short of hypnotizing. Combined with the comic book effect of the visuals, Butler made his character truly come alive as King Leonidas. Butler has done several movies like Coriolanus and Machine Gun preacher but nothing can touch his performance in “300”.

Gerard Butler – “300”

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11 Adrien Brody – “The Pianist”

Adrien Broidy’s character in the Pianist brought to life the powerful emotional drama surrounding a man trapped in the helpless devastation of war. Brody won an Academy Award for his performance but he hasn’t come close to that let alone winning another award. Be it the thin red line, King Kong or the Grand Budapest Hotel, he hasn’t quite recaptured that same spark as yet.


Adrien Brody – “The Pianist”

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10 Patrick Fugit – “Almost Famous”

Patreick Fugit is doing very well in the lead role in the TV show “The Outcast’’ but although he seems to be in the limelight, he can never quite regain the finesse of his role in “Almost famous”. Fugit’s career too hasn’t lived up to the expectations of his fans. He was pretty good in White Oleander and Spun but will he be famous as Almost Famous again?

Patrick Fugit – “Almost Famous”

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9 Jean Dujardin – “The Artist”

Jean Dujardin is an excellent actor and then again this list isn’t about undermining the acting abilities of these celebrities. Dujardin won an Oscar, a golden globe, the screen actors guild award, the Cannes film festival best actor and a BAFTA for his role in “The Artist: That’s like the grand slam of film awards but though he has appeared in The Wolf of Wall Street and Monuments Men, he hasn’t quite shone like The Artist which was perfect.


Jean Dujardin – “The Artist”

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8 June Squibb – “Nebraska”

June Squibb outdid herself in Nebraska but since then hasn’t quite excelled in any other role. Although she’s a great actress with some good roles in Alice, Scent of a woman and the Age of Innocence, it was in Nebraska that she showed her stuff for which she even won an Academy Award nomination.

June Squibb – “Nebraska”

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7 Marlee Matlin – “Children of a Lesser God”

It was in her very first debut film “Children of a Lesser God” that Marlee Matlin won her first Oscar for best actress as well as a golden globe. That was like a dream start of a bright career for the deaf actress but though she has done good roles, she hasn’t quite been able to repeat her very first stellar performance.

Marlee Matlin – “Children of a Lesser God

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6 Cuba Gooding Jr. – “Jerry Maguire”

Among actors perfect only once, we all loved and hated Cuba Gooding Jr for his intense role in Jerry Maguire. Both irritating and comical, he really lit up the screen with his performance. He even went on to win an Academy Award as best supporting actor as he deserved it. He was good again in Pearl Harbour but that same spark has never been rekindled as the role in Jerry Maguire. Have you ever wondered how he managed to look completely believable when he cried, some actors have a real gift when it comes to crying on screen, read how extactly actors like Cuba Gooding Jr can do this on 9 Mousai.

Cuba Gooding Jr. – “Jerry Maguire”

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5 Mary Steenburgen – “Melvin and Howard”

Mary Steenburgen won two awards in the best supporting actress category for Melvin and Howard. She rightly deserved both the Oscar and a Golden Globe but that was it. Steenburgen has done several roles after that such as Cross Creek, Parenthood, Philadelphia and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape but that one performance will always be her crowning glory.

Mary Steenburgen – “Melvin and Howard”

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4 Andy García – “The Godfather Part III”

Andy Garcia was a joy to watch in Godfather III. Intense, emotional and fiery, he brought his character to life exactly how he needed to be portrayed. But unfortunately, that intensity has never been seen in Garcia’s subsequent roles. He has appeared in the Untouchables, Internal Affairs, Ocean’s Eleven but it was for the Godfather III that he will always be remembered. Garcia won an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor in Godfather III.

Andy García – “The Godfather Part III”

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3 Linda Blair – “The Exorcist”

Can anyone remember Linda Blair in any other role other than as Reagan in the Exorcist? Afraid not because she will always be Regan to her fans. Blair even won an Academy Award nomination. She went on to win the Golden Globe for her role but Linda Blair just fizzled out after the exorcist.

Linda Blair – “The Exorcist”<

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2 Randy Quaid – “The Last Detail”

Quaid has entertained us for several years and was seen in movies like National Lampoons Vacation movies and Independence Day but it is for his role in “The last Detail” that he will truly be regarded as an actor. Though Quaid won an Oscar nomination for the role, he has never been able to repeat that spectacular performance.

Randy Quaid – The Last Detail

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1 Halle Berry – “Monster’s Ball”

She is one of the most versatile and beautiful actresses Hollywood has ever seen and can’t rightly be among actors perfect only once because Berry has entertained us in the X-men, Swordfish and several other roles. However she really nailed it in Monsters Ball where the actress in her shone to the highest standards. Halle Berry won an Academy Award for her performance in Monster’s Ball and though she is an outstanding actress, that role will always be her peak as an actor.

Halle Berry – Monster’s Ball

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