12 Actors Who Gave Perfect Performances Only Once


Although there is no doubt as to their acting prowess, there are some actors who have peaked in just one movie and have never really managed to rekindle that spark. Those like Leonardo de Caprio have achieved greatness over time and then there are some like Daniel day Lewis who get it right every time. This is a list of actors who shone through their roles but just for one movie. Although it goes without question that these are excellent actors, still that one particular performance has never been repeated. Take a look at 13 actors perfect only once.

12 Gerard Butler – “300”

The intensity Gerard Butler showed in 300 was nothing short of hypnotizing. Combined with the comic book effect of the visuals, Butler made his character truly come alive as King Leonidas. Butler has done several movies like Coriolanus and Machine Gun preacher but nothing can touch his performance in “300”.

Gerard Butler – “300”

Image Source: www.psstpassiton.com

11 Adrien Brody – “The Pianist”

Adrien Broidy’s character in the Pianist brought to life the powerful emotional drama surrounding a man trapped in the helpless devastation of war. Brody won an Academy Award for his performance but he hasn’t come close to that let alone winning another award. Be it the thin red line, King Kong or the Grand Budapest Hotel, he hasn’t quite recaptured that same spark as yet.

Adrien Brody – “The Pianist”

Image Source: www.britannica.com


10 Patrick Fugit – “Almost Famous”

Patreick Fugit is doing very well in the lead role in the TV show “The Outcast’’ but although he seems to be in the limelight, he can never quite regain the finesse of his role in “Almost famous”. Fugit’s career too hasn’t lived up to the expectations of his fans. He was pretty good in White Oleander and Spun but will he be famous as Almost Famous again?

Patrick Fugit – “Almost Famous”

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