11 Products that should be advertised by these celebs

If a company gets a celebrity to endorse their products, they can be rest assured of making lots of money. This because when a consumer sees his/her favourite celebrity using that product and supporting it, it more or less convinced them to the buy the product.


These product deals also means huge pay-outs for the celebrities. It provides a kind of back up for them when their main job becomes less and less relevant. Some celebrities endorse some products which make total sense like Michael Jordan endorsing Nike shoes.

What if celebs endorsed the products which they clearly need or are the best fit to sell them? Here are 11 such celebrities and products that they should endorse.


1 Brett Favre – Cyberdust

Brett Favre was accused of sending not so good messages to Game day host Jenn Sterger, for which he was fined $50,000 by the NFL. Favre could really endorse and use the communications platform Cyberdust.

Cyber dust erases all the online communication of the user on social media, without giving anyone else a chance to snapshot it or download it. Favre could definitely use that platform and endorse it to likeminded celebrities who are fast fingers on social media and keep repeating the often don’t do list of social media.

Brett Favre – Cyberdust

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

2 Luis Suarez – Dental Hygiene Products

Luis Suarez is considered as one of the best strikers in the football world. He is also known for biting his opponents on the field during the matches. His most famous bite came in the 2014 FIFA World cup when Luis left a pretty bloody bite mark on Gioro Chiellini’s shoulder when he collided with him.


FIFA banned Luis Suarez for 9 matches after the incident. But this would be a perfect opportunity for Suarez to endorse some dental hygiene products. They would sell like hot cake, since he is known for his string teeth and powerful bite.

Luis Suarez – Dental Hygiene Products

Image Source: www.businessinsider.com


3 Anthony Davis – Tweezers

Anthony Davis is a popular basketball player who is also known for his bushy unibrow. It is so noticeable that Davis has been nicknamed ‘The Brow’. Davis has even trademarked the terms “Raise the Brow” and “Fear the Brow.” The athlete has claimed that he will never get rid of the brow.

If he was ready to do so, he could easily endorse a company that makes eyebrow tweezers. That would be a win-win situation for both the entities as Davis would get his brow trimmed and the tweezers company will monopolize the market with its products.

Anthony Davis – Tweezers

Image Source: www.nola.com

4 Michael Phelps – Medical Marijuana

Michael Phelps is the world record holder for most gold medals and most overall medals in Olympics history. Regarded as the greatest swimmer of all time, Phelps also has been photographed taking a hit from a bong.


He apologised for the same to the public and the media and public seemed to forget it as marijuana has become legal in some states. This gives Phelps a perfect opportunity to become an endorser for a company that sells medically used marijuana. It would be the best for both Phelps and the company as the former will be in good books of the public and the latter will gain from Phelps’ star status.

Michael Phelps – Medical Marijuana

Image Source: www.abcnews.com


5 Kesha – Hair Extensions

Kesha has been known for her unique makeup and hair style apart from her singing and music style. She is known for wearing different color hair extensions as she doesn’t look too afraid to experiment with her looks.

This can be a golden or even silver or purple opportunity for Kesha who can endorse a hair extension manufacturing company. She would get lots of different colored tresses and the company can benefit from an international singer and music personality wearing their products.

Kesha – Hair Extensions

Image Source: www.stealherstyle.net


6 Lil Mama – Lip Gloss

The rapper Lil Mama has been noticed for her eccentric style of clothes and hairstyles since the day she arrived on the scene. She can really help a lip gloss company by endorsing their products as she has clearly stated in her hit single that her lip gloss was “poppin’.”

Lil Mama – Lip Gloss

Image Source: www.viceland.com

7 Scarlett Johansson – Waist Trainers

The talented and enormously pretty actress Scarlett Johansson is known worldwide for her action roles and even for her wonderful roles in drama movies. She is also known for having the most perfect body in Hollywood.


She can easily endorse a waist trainer making company. She recently had a baby girl and still has a wonderful figure. Many women want to have a perfect body with slim and curvy waistline that makes their hips noticeable, which is why they go to sites like Corset HQ. Johansson’s endorsement of a waist trainer will increase the sales of the product as she is the perfect model with a figure that is envied by many.

Scarlett Johansson – Waist Trainers

Image Source: www.stylebistro.com

8 Tiger Woods – Trojan

14-time majors winner, golf great Tiger Woods lost lots of his endorsements after he was caught cheating on his wife Elin a few years ago. Woods will be the perfect person to endorse a brand like Trojan. The scandal cost him a lot of money and damage to his clean cut image and he should take advantage of the same by doing the endorsement.

Tiger Woods – Trojan

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

9 Jennifer Lopez – Flat and Curling Iron

Actress, singer and producer Jennifer Lopez is also a very successful businesswoman. She is known for her curvaceous body and long flowing mane of hair.

Lopez can easily endorse a curling or flat iron company. These products keep their user’s hair straight or curly. Lopez id known for her hair care and she already has an endorsement deal with L’Oreal.

Jennifer Lopez – Flat and Curling Iron

Image Source: www.justjared.com

10 Conan O’Brien – Hair Dye

Writer of the Simpsons’ and the tonight show and star of his own talk show Conan, Conan O’Brien is known for her striking red hair. This gives him an excellent chance to endorse a hair dye product.

People love red hair and given the writing talent Conan has, he will surely come in handy in advertisements that the company would want him to act in and write.

Conan O'Brien – Hair Dye

Image Source: www.showbiz411.com

11 Lebron James – Rogaine

Star basketball player LeBron James has a very receding hairline at the age of just 30 years. He has used a headband in order to hide his hairline. It’s high time that he endorses a hair product like Rogaine, which will not only give him millions of dollars in contract money, but also will help him with his hair loss program.

Lebron James – Rogaine

Image Source: www.complex.com


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