10 Surprising celebrities who had breast reduction surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a very viable option to some people who really require them like burn victims and accident victims. But celebrities have made it a very lucrative business. Many celebrities both male and female have had cosmetic surgeries and multiple times. One of the most common surgeries that people get is breast augmentation when they don’t like the size or shape of their breast. This is a fairly normal thing and most of the time is done because the breasts are too big and this causes pain to the person. If you feel like you are in a similar boat, then it might be a good idea to get this surgery done. There are loads of locations that you could get it done, such as at this surgery that offers Breast Augmentation in Ridgefield. However, you will want to make sure that you pick a surgery that is close to home.


Female celebs get more surgeries to enhance their looks for the show business and the most famous surgery is the breasts enhancement surgery (also known as breast augmentation surgery). Females, who are not blessed in the chest department, get help by a doctor. But sometimes celebs have to reverse these surgeries due to medical, personal or pure regret. It is a more popular surgery than you may realise and it’s not just the celebrities who have access to it either. There are such clinics in Europe, like this one in Germany – Brustverkleinerungs-OPs bei der Dorow-Clinic in Sueddeutschland.

Here are 10 such female celebs that got their breast surgery reversed.


10 Jennifer Connelly

Acclaimed actress of A Beautiful Mind and A Requiem for a Dream, Jennifer Connelly rumored to get breast reduction surgery. The beautiful actress started her career in the 1980s and was heavy in the chest area. But due to maybe weight loss and/or breast reduction surgery. Though the actress and her publicist have denied such rumors, the images say something different.

Jennifer Connelly

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9 Drew Barrymore

Former child star who transformed into a star, Drew Barrymore also got her breasts reduced way back in 1992. Barrymore attributed the reduction to self-consciousness and physical pains.


She says that she is now happier with her body and her chest size, as this also doesn’t make her look older and heavier.

Drew Barrymore

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8 Heidi Montag

MTV’s reality TV star Heidi Montag surprisingly underwent 10 surgical procedures in 2009, including breast augmentation. She believed that doing so would land her more and better movie roles. But the surgeries completely changed her looks and the effect of the surgery was not what she would have hoped.

Come 2013, she called some tabloid photographers to take her pictures as she had undergone some reversal procedures, including breast reduction. The change was very visible and the chest size was now more suitable for her frame.

Heidi Montag

Image Source: www.stylesizzle.com

7 Roseanne Barr

Lead star of popular 1980s sitcom Roseanne, Roseanne Barr was one of the biggest comediennes of the 1980s and 1990s. Due to weight gain and already heavy chest area, she got very big naturally in the chest area.


In 1991, she had to undergo breast reduction surgery in order to maintain her health and figure.

Roseanne Barr

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6 Queen Latifah

One of the most successful female rappers, actor and producer Queen Latifah always had a full figure. But in 2003, she decided to have her breasts reduced, owing to her weight loss.

She said that the breasts looked too big for her new frame, which had undergone weight loss. Latifah since has said to like her new breasts as they complement her new body shape.

Queen Latifah

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5 Patricia Heaton

Lead actor of Everybody loves Raymond, Patricia Heaton admitted to having plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons. That included a liposuction and a breast reduction.

After having 4 kids via surgery, Heaton opted for a tummy repair cosmetic surgery and a breast reduction surgery to remodel her chest. She is one of the few celebrities who admit and talk about cosmetic surgery.

Patricia Heaton

Image Source: www.yimg.com


4 Soleil Moon Frye

Breast reduction surgery for Punky Brewster star Soleil Moon Frye was more of a necessity than a cosmetic need. Frye had breast reduction surgery at the age of 16 due to a medical condition called gigantomastia. Gigantomastia causes abnormal growth of breasts in girls.

She used to have a 38DD chest before surgery, but now has breasts proportionate to her slender frame.

Soleil Moon Frye

Image Source: www.plasticsurgeryproof.com


3 Victoria Beckham

Former Spice Girl and wife of famous football player David Beckham, Victoria Beckham has had various cosmetic surgeries over the years including breast augmentation.

But in 2011, she said in an interview that she had removed her implants as they didn’t look good on her anymore.

Victoria Beckham

Image Source: www.celebritysupper.com


2 Sharon Osbourne

Brash and beautiful Sharon Osbourne is the foremost speaker on everything under the great blue sky. Sharon Osbourne is the wife of heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne and was one of the most voluptuous beautiful ladies in her time.

She underwent breast reduction surgery because her implants were too big for her worked out frame. The strain of big breasts also affected her health and for the sake of health and overall figure led her to reducing her breast size.

Sharon Osbourne

Image Source: www.therichestimages.com


1 Pamela Anderson

Star of popular Baywatch series and one of the best Playboy models ever, Pamela Anderson owes her career to her big breasts. One of the hottest women in the 1990s, she still has men go weak in her knees today.

She is also known for her cosmetic surgeries done on her breasts. She had increased and decreased her breasts size multiple times, first being in 1999. But as age catches up with her, she recently reduced her breasts size further.

Pamela Anderson

Image Source: www.huffpost.com


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