10 Popular child stars who died at an early age

Child stars are more famous than young celebrities. These stars are adored for their innocent acting, cute faces, and genuine performances. There is always a question of whether working under the entertainment industry’s tiresome and harsh conditions steal their childhood and affect their health. Note that there are cases of adult celebs who went into rehab for a period of time to overcome medical complications and mental disorders.


Besides adult celebs, there are also some popular child stars who died too young. Some of these stars died from medical complications, some took their own lives, some were killed, and some died from drug overdose. This may be because of too much pressure and harsh conditions in Hollywood.

Here are 10 famous child stars who tragically passed away very young.


1 Norman Chaney

Norman Chaney was a popular American child star. He was best known for his role in the short comic film “Our Gang.” He portrayed the role of Chubby and weighed 113 pounds while filming. He continued to get heavier and weighed 300 pounds. He was an intelligent student and died at the age of 21 due to myocarditis. He was also diagnosed with a glandular ailment before suffering from myocarditis.

Norman Chaney

Image Source: www.lordheath.com


2 Michael Cuccione

Michael Cuccione was a Canadian child actor who died at the age of 16 due to respiratory failure. While filming, he required an oxygen tank on the set. He faced a lot of breathing problems which resulted from his previous cancer treatment. His case became very complicated that he missed some days on the set due to health complications. The actor had struggled with pneumonia for about a month before he died.


 Michael Cuccione

Image Source: www.childhoodcancerresearch.org

3 Billy Laughlin

Billy Laughlin was a popular American child actor and was best known for his role as a Froggy in the short film “Our Gang.” Billy also played a role in “Johnny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.” Billy died at the age of 16 in an accident in La Puente, California. Billy was riding a scooter driven by his friend John Willebrand when they were struck by a truck. His friend survived, but he passed away at a hospital.

Billy Laughlin

Image Source: www.ranthollywood.com

4 Lucille Ricksen

Ricksen was an American child star and was very famous during the silent film era. She played a phenomenal role in movies like “The Adventures of Edgar Pomeroy,” “Human Wreckage,” and “The Married Flapper.” She suffered from tuberculosis while filming “The Galloping Fish” in 1924 and died at the age of 14 in 1925. His father reportedly walked out when she was sick. The media criticized her parents for forcing her to overwork.

Lucille Ricksen

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

5 Anissa Jones

Annisa Jones was an American child star and was best known for her role as Buffy in the popular television series “Family Affair.” She first appeared in a TV commercial before doing the series. She also played a role in “The Trouble with Girls.” The actress died of drug overdose at the age of 18 in California.

Anissa Jones

Image Source: www.sitcomsonline.com

6 Josh Ryan Evans

Josh Ryan Evans was an American actor and was popularly known for his role as Timmy in “Passions.” He was 17 years old when he filmed the show but looked like a child as he was diagnosed with achondroplasia. Josh started his career in acting at the age of 12 and appeared in the shows “Ally McBeal,” “Baby Geniuses,” “7th Heaven,” and Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” The actor died at the age of 20 due to complications of congenital heart condition.

 Josh Ryan Evans

Image Source: www.spokeo.com

7 Bridgette Andersen

Bridgette Andersen was an American child actress and was popular for her role in “Savannah Smiles.” He also portrayed roles in “Family Ties,” “The Golden Girls,” “Washington Mistress,” “Fever Pitch,” “Remington Steele,” and “The Parent Trap II.” Andersen had been nominated for a Young Artist Award several times for her acting skills and performance. She died at the age of 21 due to alcohol overdose.

Bridgette Andersen

Image Source: www.rantlifestyle.com


8 Jonathan Brandis

Jonathan Brandis was an American actor, model, director, and screenwriter. He started acting at a very young age. He appeared in the soap opera “One Life to Live” when he was only 6 years old. He also appeared in several TV commercials as a child model. Brandis hanged himself in his apartment in Los Angeles. He was 27 when he died.

Jonathan Brandis

Image Source: www.imgur.com

9 Matthew Garber

Matthew Garber was a British child actor and was best known for his role as Michael Banks in the movie “Marry Poppins.” He also acted in “The Gnome-Mobile” and “The Three Lives.” Mathew died at the age of 21 due to hepatitis. He contracted hepatitis during his trip to India.

Matthew Garber

Image Source: www.allclip.net

10 Heather O’Rourke

This popular American child actress died at the age of 12 due to cardiac arrest and septic shock. She was discovered by director Stephen Spielberg at the age of 5. Stephen cast her in a horror flick in 1982 as Carol Anne Freeling.

Heather O’Rourke

Image Source: www.fanpop.com


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