10 Of the Most Beautiful Women who totally slayed it this year!

As 2015 comes to an end, let’s look back at this year’s stunning beauties, who simply outdid themselves and captured our hearts by just being their outstanding selves. Presenting you with, ‘The Most Beautiful Women on Earth for the year 2015’.


Now since ‘being beautiful’ is the criterion for being featured in this list, it encompasses multiple factors like physical beauty, intellectual beauty and also noteworthiness, relevant to this year.

In no particular order, let’s set out on this beautiful journey together.


1 Emilia Clarke

There’s just something about this woman that makes your heart skip a beat every time you look at her on screen and off screen. Voted as the most desirable woman of the year on AskMen.com, this star literally owned it with her role of ‘Daenerys Targaryen’, otherwise called as ‘Khaleesi’, on HBO’s popular TV show Game of Thrones.

Emilia Clarke

Image Source: www.irishmirror.ie


2 Caitlyn Jenner

Her transformation this year took the internet by storm. Despite the comments and the judgemental eye of the public, she boldly backed her decision and came out as one of the most beautiful women ever. It takes a lot of courage to do what Caitlyn has done this year, and has earned a newfound respect for herself from many worldwide. Many couldn’t digest how stunning she looked on the cover of the magazine Vanity Fair, following her transformation.

Caitlyn Jenner

Image Source: www.timeinc.net


3 Gal Gadot

This former Miss Israel is the leading fashion model for the clothing company ‘Castro’. She is also known for her role in The Fast and Furious film series. Gadot has recently been cast in as Wonder woman in Batman Vs Superman:Dawn Of Justice, and also as the protagonist of the film Wonder Woman, slated for release in 2017. Undoubtedly, an apt candidate in this list of beautiful women!

 Gal Gadot

Image Source: www.edgecastcdn.net


4 Priyanka Chopra

This renowned actress of Indian origin and former Miss World has now become a household name worldwide. She has always been trying new things with her career without sticking to the rule book and playing it safe. Following her successful venture into music, she has carved a niche for herself in Hollywood with the all new American television thriller series Quantico, in which she plays the lead role of a promising FBI agent.

Priyanka Chopra

Image Source: www.cinepunch.in


5 Lana Del Ray

Lana Del Ray has this knack of being able to create such a massive impact on you, both with her exuding beauty and her haunting voice. She’s extremely classy and her music too, is class apart. She’s bound to feature on the list of most beautiful women year after year after year.

Lana Del Ray

Image Source:


6 Cara Delevigne

This model cum actress was slaying it on Instagram and in Tinsel Town this year. With a whopping 24+ million fan following on Instagram, Cara is famous for being her quirky, fun self. She was cast as the female lead in the film Paper Towns and also in a lead role in the upcoming Suicide Squad.

Cara Delevigne

Image Source: www.independent.co.uk


7 Lily Singh

This Canadian Youtuber of Indian origin definitely had to make it to this list, despite the fact that she’s a little lesser known than the other women featured in this list. This year marked the most successful year of her career, considering her World Tour and her fast growing popularity on YouTube. She is popular for her humor, motivational videos and of course her simplistic charm.

Lily Singh

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

8 Monica Belluci

This evergreen Italian beauty set the screen on fire this year with her appearance in the latest Bond movie Spectre. Even at the age of 51, she was able to pull off being a Bond girl, and a rather spectacular one indeed.

Monica Belluci

Image Source: www.guardianlv.com

9 Deepika Padukone

One of India’s favorite, sensational and most beautiful women of this time, this year, once again has stunned us all with her performance in Bollywood. From Piku to Tamasha to Bajirao Mastani, this versatile actress surprises every single time.

Deepika Padukone

Image Source: www.indianexpress.com


10 Rihanna

Rihanna is nothing but the epitome of beauty. The hype over this dusky toned singer/actress will almost never die down. She owned the charts this year with her explicit, yet oh-so-powerful song, titled “B***h Better Have My Money” (BBHMM).


Image Source: www.politisonline.com


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