10 Hottest celebrities who aged awfully


Celebrities age as normal people do. Despite the fact that they have money to try out different remedies, medications and surgical options to try and delay the onset of age related effects.

Well age is sometimes kind to people and the looks of people do not get distorted, if they take care of themselves in younger days. Eat properly, take care of their skins and health and generally avoid any harmful addictions; people can age gracefully without the help of any surgical or medical manipulation needed.

While sometimes, habits such as drug, alcohol and stress lead to the process of ageing advancing at a rate which is far higher than one would normally see. Celebs are prone to such fast rated ageing process due to their stress related work nature and habit of opting for surgical implants and enhancements in young age to enhance their beauty. Such options do not age well and results in old age are a look that is very different from younger days.


Here are 10 such celebs to whom ageing didn’t go so well.

10 Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer has played iconic characters like the Batman and Jim Morrison (lead singer of the Doors) on the big screen.

He probably let himself go after his career took a nose dive in the late 90s. Though he made a bit of a comeback with a brilliant role in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), Kilmer still yearns for the status he had during his peak times. Today his family is worried that he might not be well and avoiding proper treatment due to his Christian Scientist beliefs.

Val Kilmer

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