10 Hollywood Celebrities whose plastic surgery caused them a lifetime of embarrassment

5 Sharon Osbourne


In the year 2005, photographs of Sharon Osbourne made it to the general public, showing off her smooth cheekbones as flat as pancakes, raised eye-lids, along with neatly trimmed and straightened hair.

Moving forward to the year 2015, things went a little off the rail in the Osbourne family. Mr. Osbourne is entangled in a social media scuffle with his old bandmates, and Mrs. Osbourne’s age finally eclipsed her lasting implants.

Sharon Osbourne currently wears a burgundy colored bun to give herself a Goth look. Is it the family or the fiend age that took its toll on this woman?

Sharon Osbourne

Image Source: www.usmagazine.com

6 Mickey Rourke

If you thought only women obsess over plastic surgery, think again. This stands as an example of a man who tried to fix his face through plastic surgery that turned into an epic failure.

Mickey was a really good looking man when he was still featuring on silver screen, but once he stepped into the boxing ring, things changed drastically. He wanted to fix his nose, which got fractured, but the surgery worsened the situation and made him look like an entirely different person. You got the answer to the lingering question – where do good looking men disappear? They surrender themselves to boxing or plastic surgery, or in this case, both.

Mickey Rourke

Image Source: www.plasticsurgerybefore.com


7 Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow had found a strong area of compromise between mainstream music business and unconventional song writing. He wrote a couple of well known jingles for popular brands like McDonald’s.

Barry generally carried the clean shaved look with long, bouncy hair and a denim jacket for years, which gave him the typical Country singer look. Then one day, he entered with a brand new face and a revived interest in odd colored suits. His changed haircut was bizarre, his cheeks looked bloated, and his skin was tightly stretched and rigid. In short, he looked like a distorted version of himself.

Barry Manilow

Image Source: www.surgerymiracles.com


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