10 Hated Hollywood celebrities who are actually nice people

In Hollywood, there are several celebrities who do not enjoy a positive image among audiences or industry people, because of some odd incidents. But, can one-off incidents make them bad people? I don’t think so, when nobody in this world is perfect , how can we expect the stars to be always behaving their best? We should remember, they are also humans and infact more frustrated than normal people as they are continuously judged by the world.


Then, there are some who actually take advantage of the great PR saying, “there is no such thing as bad publicity”, and deliberately paint a negative picture to stay in the limelight. But friends of the misunderstood and misjudged celebrities actually say that they are not as bad as the media portrays them to be. Here, we are going to show some of the Hollywood celebrities, who have a bad image, but are actually nice people.

1 Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe has many a times given people reasons to think that he is not a nice person. He is actually short-tempered and has been known to lose his cool even in public places. He threw a tantrum and stormed out of the Golden Globe Awards, when the show did not go according to his expectations. However, his friends say that he is an intelligent, warm, and a friendly person. He even remains friendly with his ex-wife, now this is something only good and mature people are capable of doing. Don’t you think so?

Russell Crowe

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2 Kanye West

West was hugely criticized by the media and the general public when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech in 2009 at the Video Music Awards. This incident lead to, people pegging him as being ill-mannered and rude. But, can this one incident be a good enough reason to believe that he is not a nice person? In my opinion, West is basically criticized for being confident, and this has made a sweet, humble and a shy person to have a bad image among people.

Kanye West

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3 Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is not liked by the general public because it seems like she has a terrible attitude problem. Many female fans of the Twilight film series are actually jealous that she starred opposite the handsome Robert Pattinson, on the screen and even dated him in real life.Though, she is not as amazing as one can be, but in her interviews she is never rude. Infact she comes out as a really warm and friendly person.

Kristen Stewart

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4 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was severely criticized by the public and the media all around the world for her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J. But, can one such tape prove that she is a bad person? If so, I would like to ask her critics, how so? Whatever might have been the reason for the recording of that tape and its subsequent circulation, it actually does not prove that she is not a friendly or a warm person. Infact, people who have worked with her say that she is actually a very nice, friendly, and a down to earth person. Does her smile not convey this to you?

Kim Kardashian

Image Source: www.forbes.com

5 Giuliana Rancic

An Italian-American TV personality, Giuliana Rancic has received a lot of criticism and many people have said that she remains obsessed with her looks. She has actually been criticized for looking too skinny on the red carpet.Though, Giuliana always tries to be friendly and warm during her interviews, but some people are just not convinced.

Giuliana Rancic

Image Source: www.usmagazine.com

6 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is extremely popular among her fans for her beautiful voice, but this did not save her from being criticized for her rude behaviour. Her fashion sense has almost always started a controversy as she has been seen wearing next to nothing in pubic. Her act of smoking weed during her concert did not go down the throats of people .She is so often targeted as the bad girl, that even her engagement with Liam Hemsworth attracted some negative views. Hemsworth’s fans were worried that Miley would ruin his image as well. Come on people, give her a break. And if you can find one reason to believe that she is good, take it from her friends, according to whom, she is a very friendly and fun person to be with.

Miley Cyrus

Image Source: www.eonline.com

7 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood these days and maybe this is the reason why some people don’t like her. One aspect which annoys people is that, she tries to show how normal she is. Now, when did it become a problem to be normal? She is also a human, wanting to live a normal life. Give it to her guys. She deserves atleast this much to have entertained us so amazingly with her work.

Jennifer Lawrence

Image Source: www.jenniferlawrencefoundation.com

8 Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is an American actress, best known for her role in Beverly Hills, 90210.Though, Tori is a very humble and nice person, but some people hated her just because she took some advantage from having a famous and rich family member.

Tori Spelling

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9 Lea Michele

This American actress and singer and is well known for playing Rachel Berry on the Fox television series Glee. She loves to attract attention and has done several things to be in the spotlight. But does it mean that she is not a nice person? Some people have even criticized her for the way her face looks when she sings.Can the critics just enjoy her music, music is for ears, not for eyes. And again, as they say, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. Peroid.

Lea Michele

Image Source: www.befoto.com

10 Renee Zellweger

Though, Renee Zellweger has never been criticized for being rude to her fans, but some people just need to find some or the other, totally absurd reason to criticize celebrities. Can you believe, people target Renee for having, what they call a ‘lemon face’ because they feel that her face looks like she has just eaten something sour. Some people think that she does not do justice to her roles, this is when she has been nominated for Golden Globe Awards and also for the coveted Oscar Awards. Well, some people can never feel what others feel like.

Renee Zellweger

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

Can you actually believe that all of them are ‘all that bad’? Celebrities are public figures, and they definitely have an image to carry forward, but can all, that meets the eyes be true? These people are humans, with some good and some bad qualities, but that certainly does not make them eligible to be ‘hated’. Remember, nobody is perfect, neither us nor them!


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