10 celebs who work with each other even after divorce

Many celebrities are blessed with long and happy marriages. While some couples are not blessed with living together. Keeping a marriage together is a challenging thing to do. One has to make time to spend together despite busy schedules, tours etc.

Couples have to make each other the priority. Sometimes it becomes difficult to try and make a marriage work and some celebs agree to break it off rather than drag the thing out. Divorced celeb couples do sometimes go into business with each other and tend to be more successful.

Given that this is kind of a weird arrangement of sorts, but here are 10 couples who have made it work for themselves.

1 Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall

Stars of the hit drama ‘Dexter’, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall actually played siblings on the show. But when you spend so much time together on sets, love is bound to happen and both got married in 2008.


Unfortunately divorce happened 3 years later, but Dexter was still a big hit at the time. So both Carpenter and Hall appeared as if nothing had happened on the sets and continued to work on the show together.

Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall

Image Source: www.aceshowbiz.com

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