10 Celebrities who own their private Islands

There is A-List of celebrities who earned millions more than your fingers could ever count. Owning multiple mansions in different parts of the world as well as owning dozens of cars or even private aircrafts. Money just keeps reeling in that they practically bought what luxury could ever offer.

If they were able to buy whatever it is they wanted and still have millions in their bank accounts to spend, what do you think would they spend it on? A private island, of course! These A-list celebrities have enough money to buy themselves their own privacy by owning their own islands.

Check out the list of celebs with their very own private island getaway.

1 Johnny Depp

Captain Jack Sparrow must have scored big time when he finally got his treasure chest and the best thing he could probably do now is buy an island to bury it in. This must probably be the main reason why Johnny Depp bought himself an island. Depp named his 45 acre tropical island found in the very heart of the Caribbean, ‘Little Hall’s Pond Cay’.

Johnny Depp

Image Source: www.huffpost.com

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