10 Celebrities who own their private Islands

There is A-List of celebrities who earned millions more than your fingers could ever count. Owning multiple mansions in different parts of the world as well as owning dozens of cars or even private aircrafts. Money just keeps reeling in that they practically bought what luxury could ever offer.


If they were able to buy whatever it is they wanted and still have millions in their bank accounts to spend, what do you think would they spend it on? A private island, of course! These A-list celebrities have enough money to buy themselves their own privacy by owning their own islands.

Check out the list of celebs with their very own private island getaway.


1 Johnny Depp

Captain Jack Sparrow must have scored big time when he finally got his treasure chest and the best thing he could probably do now is buy an island to bury it in. This must probably be the main reason why Johnny Depp bought himself an island. Depp named his 45 acre tropical island found in the very heart of the Caribbean, ‘Little Hall’s Pond Cay’.

Johnny Depp

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2 Shakira

Shakira’s dance moves earned her way to the Top Artists of the Century. Her unique vocals landed her multiple Grammy Awards. Her beautiful physique listed her as one of the most beautiful women on earth. These aren’t the only things you should know about Shakira. She’s also quite a business woman. With hopes of having a multi-million dollar career after the entertainment business, she paired up with Roger Waters— co-founding member of Pink Floyd— to buy Bonds Cay Island, north of the Bahamas. Both millionaires are planning to turn this island into a resort and popular tourist spot.


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3 Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee’s reason for buying an island isn’t because he wanted to run away from the paparazzi. In fact, he just wanted to get the love of his life back, his Bay Watch Queen, Pamela Anderson. Tommy Lee bought an island off the Dubai coast in 2007. It was said that Pamela Anderson liked the island giving Tommy Lee the idea of buying it for her.

Tommy Lee

Image Source: www.snakkle.com


4 Leonardo Di Caprio

Buying your own beachfront home in one of the trendiest beaches in any part of the world and turn it into a love shack probably wasn’t enough for Leonardo Di Caprio. He wanted to buy a beachfront home on his very own private island. He practically bought his very own privacy when he bought the Island of Blackadore Caye Island in 2005. He did say that he wanted to turn his Belize off-coast island into a resort in the future.

Leonardo Di Caprio

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5 John Lennon

This member of ‘The Beatles’ probably bought everything else he wanted on his Christmas List that he decided to spend some of it in buying his own island. To this date, though, the Dorinish Island in Crew Bay, County Mayo, Ireland was also known as the ‘Beatles Island’, doesn’t belong to John Lennon anymore. Yoko Ono, his wife, sold the property after his death to donate the proceeds to a local Irish orphanage.

John Lennon

Image Source: www.evolution.com


6 Eddie Murphy

Making the world laugh at his movies and antics gave him the star opportunity to purchase an Island named ‘Pearl’ in the Bahamian Cay. Since the world isn’t done laughing at his comedic on-screen roles, he purchased another island in 2005 named Rooster Cay in the Bahamas.

Eddie Murphy

Image Source: www.wannabemagazine.com


7 Lenny Kravitz

Tommy Lee bought an island to win his ex-wife back while Leonardo Di Caprio bought an island for the sake of his romantic escapades. Lenny Kravitz, however, bought an island because it was where his mother grew up in. Isn’t that sweet? Bringing memories back into life, Lenny Kravitz purchased an island in the Eleutheta Archipelago in the Bahamas.

Lenny Kravitz

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8 Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill purchased their own Island in the Bahamas in 2006. These country singers power couple provided themselves with their perfect retirement home, their private island! Interestingly enough, the island measures a humble size of 15,000 feet and is called Goat Cay.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Image Source: www.cimcontent.net

9 Mel Gibson

This Oscar-winning actor had more than enough to buy himself an entire island in 2005. But, who would have known that he would be buying a volcanic island?! Mel Gibson must have found his inspiration in buying his own island when he directed the gruesome reality behind the ancient Native American Culture entitled Apocalypto. The Mao Island within Fiji’s Lau Group of Islands was featured in one of ’30 Rock’s’ episodes entitled, ‘Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning’.

Mel Gibson

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10 Ricky Martin

It was probably his golden year when his twins were born. Ricky Martin had no problem purchasing an island getaway for his family for $8 million. He bought an island in Brazil near Angra dos Reis.

Ricky Martin

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