10 Celebrities who most likely to be behind the bars by 2016


Despite being people who others look up to as role models, celebrities as quite surprisingly not so stranger to jails. Many of them have a long rap sheet and some of them have even spent quite a long time in jails.

Some celebrities have even got themselves the reputation to of being troublesome and even people are generally counting on them to see them getting arrested for something or other. Majority of them got arrested or accused for crimes like sexual abuse, domestic violence, drunk driving and disorderly conduct.

Once you attraction the attention of law, you will always be a target since you can become habitual of committing crimes. Here are some of the celebrities who we can see in jail when 2016 rolls in.


1 Conrad Hilton Jr.

Conrad Hilton Jr. is the heir to the Hilton hotels. He also has a tendency to get arrested for quite few times. Some of the crimes for which he has got arrested are breaking into his girlfriend’s house, drugs and alcohol. He is just 19 years old but is making his name as a trouble maker quite fast.

He has also being charged with violating a restraining order put by his ex-girlfriend. Also he has problem with controlling his alcohol habits, something that would soon put him in jail real soon.

Conrad Hilton Jr.

Image Source: ww.turner.com


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