10 Celebrities who denied having cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is pretty difficult to hide. Many celebrities undergo various types of procedures at different stages of their lives. Some are very forthcoming in their admission of undergoing surgery.


While some celebrities decide to age gracefully, some of the celebrities undergo surgery to iron out some wrinkles or correct something that was out of place by birth. Celebrities know that the longer they stay young, the longer they will stay in the limelight and hence the dependence on surgical options.

Despite having hard evidence on record, these 10 celebrities have vehemently denied undergoing any sort of cosmetic surgery.


1 Nicki Minaj

Rapper Nicki Minaj has vehemently denied any kind of surgery on her face. When the question of her breasts and buttocks pop up, Minaj had cleverly side stepped the issue. Though the images on internet say otherwise, Minaj actually said that it is the illusion of makeup. Her contours and details are just effects of makeup.

Nicki Minaj

Image Source: www.novi.ba


2 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is famous for being in a sex tape and for her reality TV series keeping up with the Kardashians. She has denied any knowledge of undergoing any surgery besides Botox.

But there are photos which tell something else. She has also shared pictures from her college days to prove that her breasts all also all natural. The doubts are actually about her face which shows significant changes over the years. According to her, it is her makeup contouring skills. Though doctors have suggested she has undergone rhinoplasty.

Kim Kardashian

Image Source: www.plasticsurgerytattoo.com

3 Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has always stated that she looks young because of her non-smoking habits, apparent use of sunscreen and general self-care. But her recent change in looks has got the tabloids speculating on the surgery mill, which she denies outright.


As in the picture above, there are changes in her face, which she says are due to use of Botox. There is also speculation of her undergoing a breast augmentation surgery some years ago. But since she has never confirmed this, we may never know.

Nicole Kidman

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


4 Megan Fox

Megan Fox is known for her beauty rather than her acting skills. But her looks are way different since the days of her first Transformers movie. It is said that she has undergone lip treatment, nose refinement and filled her face using cosmetic surgery.

Though she has not done anything way drastic, whatever she has got done turned out very well.

Megan Fox

Image Source: www.beautyeditor.ca

5 Blake Lively

People have been pointing out about the change in Green Lantern star Blake Lively’s nose. The change is pretty visible from her Gossip Girl days and now and she has been getting attention because of it.


Lively has said that,” It’s the way you address any rumor. People want to talk. They want to create negative things about you and your life. You can’t let them affect you.”

Blake Lively

Image Source: www.afterplasticsurgery.com

6 Renee Zellweger

One of the most startling transformations has been of the Bridget Joes’ Diary star Renee Zellweger. Her new look was drastically different from her earlier look and this fuelled the cosmetic surgery rumor mills.


Zellweger has refused to comment on anything regarding her looks and says that she is healthy and happy for the folks who think she looks different.

Renee Zellweger

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

7 Jenni Jwoww Farley

Jersey Shore star Jenni Jwoww Farley returned to the 5th season of her show with a totally transformed look. She had tighter skin, face was thinner and her lips were fuller now. She already had breast implants as she was never shy of flaunting them.


She addressed the rumors by saying,”if I had work done, I’d be open to talking about it. But I didn’t.” But if she has undergone the knife before, what stops her from getting surgery again.

Jenni Jwoww Farley

Image Source: www.dearcoquette.com

8 Jennifer Lopez

One celebrity who has been defending herself from plastic surgery allegations for years is Jennifer Lopez. The attractive singer and actress has looks that have changed over the years, some features have changed very sharply.


In 2013, a surgeon spoke out about Lopez saying that she shows many signs of undergoing surgery. Lopez has been adamant about never undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Jennifer Lopez

Image Source: www.celebrityplasticsurgeryxp.com

9 Lil Kim

In look of an eye, anyone can see that rapper Lil Kim has undergone multiple procedures. When the media started following her transformation, she denied any plastic surgery being performed on her. She actually blamed a blog for photo shopping her images to make her look worse.


Though she has never confirmed it, by the looks of it Lil Kim has undergone some serious face lift procedure and a nose job.

Lil Kim

Image Source: www.thecelebritysurgery.com

10 Meg Ryan

One of the most naturally looking beautiful celebs Meg Ryan has undergone many procedures in order to counter the effects of aging. She has also undergone multiple surgeries to correct the work done by previous surgeries.


She has never admitted or confirmed anything about her undergoing any surgeries, but her unnatural appearance has dried up her once fledgling career.

Meg Ryan

Image Source: www.plasticsurgeryhits.com


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