10 Celebrities Who Lost A Huge Amount of Weight and Changed Drastically

As a celebrity, you are monitored by the media right down to what you eat. But somehow while the paparazzi may be considered wolves, it isn’t all that bad when your appearances are documented which might just inspire a lot of people. This is also why many celebrities are prompted to lose weight just so that they can regain their once hot figures and good looks. Here are some of those celebrities who lost weight by an impressive amount and deserve accolades.

1 John Goodman

John Goodman was always worried about dying at a young from illness because of his massive weight. He went on to abide by a strict diet and exercise routine and ended up shedding 45 kg.

John Goodma

Image Source: www.joemonster.org

2 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian at one time was huge when she was pregnant a second time. But she was committed to losing weight and returned to looking like the old Kim once again. Look at the difference.

Kim Kardashian

Image Source: www.fanpage.gr

3 Chris Pratt

Chris lost 27kg in order to look similar as before when he played the leader of the team in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Chris Pratt

Image Source: www.diaforetiko.gr

4 Christina Aguilera

Christina wanted to give herself a wedding present and the best she thought of was to come back in shape as before. She worked hard and shed around 20kg to attain that level.

Christina Aguilera

Image Source: www.joemonster.org

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