7 Questions That Cultured People Never Ask

Starting a conversation with those whom you don’t know properly is a little tough task as you need to make sure that you don’t ask something which may embarrass the other person. It is important to understand that not many people like to open up about their personal life and issues related to their life and we don’t have any right to breach their private space. Today we will talk about some of those impolite questions which you should not ask to anyone, especially to those with whom you don’t know much.


1Questions about relationship:

Relationships are one of the most favorite topics of discussion nowadays and people are very much interested in knowing about the relationship status of others. However, it is completely a personal matter and asking questions in this regard can offend a person. In today’s world people take time in deciding about their partners and in such scenario, sometimes they don’t have clear answers.

For example, youngsters like to go on few dates to understand the other person in a better manner before they make any decision about their future.

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They may be just acquaintances:

Two acquaintances may decide to go and attend a party together just because they didn’t want to go alone and there may be no relation between them at all. At such occasions, we should refrain from asking personal questions as they may make people uncomfortable.

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2Questions about baby:

The decision of when to have a baby has to be taken by the couple and if someone asks them about it, they may feel awkward especially when it asked by someone who is not even related or close to them. Earlier people used to consider it normal to ask others that when they are going to start a family but now the times have changed.


There are many aspects which needed to be considered before starting a family and may be, the couple is not financially strong enough to take this huge responsibility.

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There may be a medical problem:

If the couple has been married for a long time but they don’t have any kid, there may be a possibility that either one of them is getting medically treated or is incapable of becoming a parent and in this case, a question about kid will not only embarrass but it will also hurt them emotionally.

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It may be considered as you are making fun of them:

If a lady gains a little weight after marriage, people start thinking that she is pregnant but when she is asked about it, she may think that you are teasing her for being over-weight. It is better to avoid questions on pregnancy until and unless, the other person is a very near and dear one.

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