Employees that are a real nightmare

Having a bad atmosphere at work is perhaps worse than anything, even a low salary or not having a job at all. Employees that bring down the mood at work or make your life a misery are, for obvious reasons, not fun to be around. Furthermore, as this performance problems article on Upskilled discusses, finding solutions to address employee concerns is of paramount importance. Additionally, although most work-related performance management issues are best left to human resources departments, identifying solutions to these issues is crucial. Moreover, if solving work performance issues appeals to you, a career in HR could be beckoning. However, for the time being, if you’re stuck in a close working environment with unruly employees, this is simply something you have to put up with. Sometimes, it’s worth wondering whether your employer would have better luck by using text to recruit… but here we are. These are the five common types of employees that are a real nightmare for every company. Perhaps you can detect these people in your office? If not, you are a lucky person who doesn’t have to deal with their capricious behavior.


1 The confused one

Almost every office has a confused and incompetent employee that no one can rely on, for anything. These people are usually not capable of doing anything and usually they cover this by asking help from their co-workers. They carry on like this every day and people around them already know that they can’t do a thing, so this learned helplessness is their best skill. Not only the entire team suffers because of these people, but also the other employees are not finishing their tasks on time in order to help the confused ones to finish theirs. When these people are doing their work by themselves, they almost always make mistakes (that are usually spotted by the boss). They are always passive and unorganized and do not want to change.

The confused one

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2 The lazy one

Perhaps even worse than the confused one, the lazy co-workers are consistent in finding excuses for unfinished work. They are constantly low on energy and enthusiasm and compared to the other employees, they almost never participate in anything during or after the working hours. If you have a lazy co-worker, you already know that they are unmotivated, do not care how they will finish the job, spend a lot time on the Internet, instead of working, try to get as many days off and simply aren’t mentally present in the stressful moments. To put it simply– these people don’t work and make money.

The lazy one

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3 The constant martyr

Perhaps these people get very well with the confused and with the lazy ones, but one thing is for sure, they are dragging the company down. Martyrs want to do all the work of the team, and then to point out their sacrifice for the team and the company and get credit for it. They are usually control freaks, usually trying to show off their hard work in front of the others. They do not know their limits, constantly complaining about the malfunctioning of others and are destroying their confidence that way. The bosses should put it clearly that the company works as a team and that there is no competition.

The constant martyr

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4 The social butterfly

Friendship between colleagues is a wonderful thing and something that every boss and every employee wants, but certainly not the way the social butterflies are doing it. When he or she comes to work, the first thing they do is taking their morning coffee for a very long time, they talk to colleagues, and they gossip or simply don’t stop talking about their weekend. Sometimes the social butterflies are pretty lazy too, so instead of working, they spend time in socializing. Their boasting concentration is immature and their frivolous approach to work is often very unprofessional.

The social butterfly

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5 The constantly negative co-worker

These people aren’t necessarily bad workers nor do they drag the team down with their laziness, but their behavior is so destructive, that it can cause a lot of damage to the atmosphere in the team. These people do not pay attention to the work ethic; they are aggressive (passive aggressive most often) and are intimidating others. Usually these people can’t take any type of authority and usually they don’t have good relations with their colleagues. Their negative energy and their constant nagging make the whole atmosphere unbearable and in most cases these people truly want to leave that job, and while they don’t have another option they would stay and simply make the lives of their co-workers, miserable.

The constantly negative co-worker

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