Ten of the world’s most amazing cars and their amazing qualities

Cars are the most versatile of products with the ability to undergo recycling, overhauling and hardware changes. But apart from the fast Lamborghinis, the Jaguars and the Porsche, there have been cars both in the past and present, which have made the world stand up and take notice of their extraordinary qualities. Here are the top ten amazing cars and their astounding qualities.

1 Mclaren F1

The McLaren F1, was released in 1993 as the brainchild of car designer Gordon Murray. Manufactured with technical help from McLaren, it was to become the world’s most expensive car with a price tag of $857,000. Its speed featured a fast 243 mph.

The McLaren F1’s entire body was made from carbon fiber. Its interiors were thinner than other cars by 50%. Gold leaf, a well-known heat conductor was used for lining its engine bay. Every inch of the car was implemented through careful R&D. All the dials in the car contained stainless steel instruments where the tachometer was handmade. The 3 seat configuration ensured a driver had enhanced control over driving.

Mclaren F1

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org


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