Google Car – A miracle in automobile industry (Driver less car)

A complex technology has just joined the public streets to jiggle the world on its fingers. Where the time has made people busy in their lives, the technology steps-in every day to make the life easier for humans. One result of rendering ease is “Google Self-driving Car”. A project that was unknown for long but has become possible with the effort of Google team.


1 Google’s Aim

Concerning Google’s Car, Google is progressive towards the aim of concocting vehicles that can drive themselves without the conciliation of humans. It targets to make the driving safer, productive and enjoyable enough. Google emphasizes to think big that will ultimately impact the human lives positively.

Google’s Aim

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2 Google Car

Right From the scratch, Google team converted the frame into a body shell. Urmson along with his team members has unveiled the first autonomous vehicle encompassing two seats with sufficient room for minor luggage. The car is invented without the application of steering wheel, gear, accelerator and brakes. Hence, it is first ever company who added a valuable contribution in automobile technology. The prototype was first tested by Steve Mahan who drove the car without touching its steering wheel. Steve felt the science fiction dream for the first time.

For years, Google was seeking to tighten the technology at its best. With the best technology that is now tested, the car is leading to catch the roads.

However, the car is on the streets but continuous improvements are taking place. It is just the reflection of first genuine embodiment of vision of Google.

Google Car

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3 Exposure of Google Car

At its initial stage, the Google Car is operating across California where Google is headquartered. At a time, the car is eligible to shift two people from one place to the other with its self-driving feature. Factually, the car endowed with a smart phone that feeds the user’s destination. It is also provisioned with a start button plus a red stop button for emergency purpose.

Added with the instant technology, the car reminds the humans to take their luggage along with them while leaving the car. The core behind this reminding is that the car says it is a taxi replacement without any physical driver.

Exposure of Google Car

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4 A Damn Cute Look

Giving the car an appearance of cute and friendly face makes it convincing to use. The designers designed it with the vision of “Very Googley”; thus giving it a damn cute look. Additionally, it is crafted so to make the passengers and users to realize its easiness feature.

A Damn Cute Look

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5 How was the Experience?

Few people have taken a ride in Google Car. They narrated their experience as a luxury and smooth car with least threatening aspects. They stated that the car is keeping ample room as it does not contain the normal control equipments.

How was the Experience

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6 Prototype

The car is powered by an electric machine cum software, sensors and a digital map. With GPS system, it apprehends the location of the car encountering 360 degrees. With the engraved software, the car can successfully identifies people, signs, other cars, objects, traffic signals and other hazards on the road. The sensors are eligible to detect 600 feet throughout every direction. Thus, it is safe to drive in.

To be more inclined towards safety, it is to be informed that the car is limited to the speed of 25 mph. Thus, the speed itself restricts the car to be driven on certain roads. Moreover, nothing is to be worried for the pedestrians if hit by it because the car is furnished with foam bumper.


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United States is crowding high with the news of Google’s Self-driving car. The car really forwards without any involvement of humans. Its convincing features include:

  • The car has put on the hat in an attempt to hide its sensors
  • To look like humans while driving, it is fitted with laser range finders, video cameras and radar sensors
  • Before having charged, the car can still drive 80 miles
  • The maximum speed it can drive with is 25 mph

7 Technological Operations within Self-Driving Car

Initially, Google has build only 25 cars of self-driving attribute to be tested for use in California. The software around which the entire car functions rotate portrays the following picture. The car understands the software under the following signs.

Technological Operations within Self-Driving Car

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8 When will Google Car be available?

Google says that the car is still in an immature stage to be used by every user. It will take 2 more years to make it mature with respect to its technology. Moreover, the self-driving cars are yet to be far away at least five years from now. However, soon the time will come when you will be there to buy your personal self-driving car.

When will Google Car be available

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