Detroit car show 2015 – check these beauties out

Detroit Car Show is a Wonderland for car lovers. The newest, improved, faster and better looking models are presented and the automobile industry is doing its best to make your heart skip a beat. Self driving cars, new engines, more horsepower, but also higher prices, this is what the industry is trying to give in the upcoming cars.

Ford and Acura stole the show at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show presenting the new Ford GT and a gas-electric Acura NSX. Performance cars accented the Detroit auto show, along with the self-driving cars shown last week at CES 2015. This is what could have been seen there.

1 Acura NSX: $150,000, 150 mph super-hybrid two-seater

The Acura NSX has two seats and three electric motors along with a twin-turbo V6 engine placed behind the seats and a nine-speed double-clutch transmission. The engine and an electric motor provide power to the rear wheels; two more electric motors drive the front wheels. Electric front drive eliminates the bulk of a mechanical driveshaft to the front and makes possible Acura’s super-handling all-wheel-drive with torque vectoring. The NSX comprises an “aluminum-intensive” space frame, a carbon fiber floor anchoring the vehicle, and an all-aluminum suspension. The “sport hybrid” battery pack lets the NSX go a few miles on battery alone, which provides entry to some of the world’s mega-cities that give preferred access to cars that can get through the city just on battery power. The electric motors serve as additional turbochargers, providing the most power at startup, when combustion engines are still gathering power.The NSX will cost about $150,000 and will be built in Marysville, Ohio.

Acura NSX: $150,000, 150 mph super-hybrid two-seater

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