10 Of the most stylish and expensive bikes of the world – Collector’s Items Indeed!!

Bikers are a completely different people. Their love for their bikes goes beyond anything. It’s even more than how much girls love their shoes or clothes. Some of the bikers love and look after their bikes as if looking after their own child.

Also there are some people who love to collect bikes and bike manufacturers usually come out with limited edition bike for collectors and the price tags carried by such bikes are exorbitant. Check out some of the most expensive bikes out there in the world.

1 Neiman Marcus Limited edition Fighter

Interestingly Neiman Marcus is more known for its retail stores than their bike making. They compete with retail brands like Saks Fifth avenue and Nordstrom. So it was quite a buzz when they launched a limited edition fighter motorcycle with a price tag of $111,000.

Ultimately it was auctioned for $11 million with a body that resembled the inner workings of a watch. Only 45 of such bikes were made and each of them could reach a high speed of 190 miles per hour (mph).

Neiman Marcus Limited edition Fighter

Image Source: www.inbnews24.com

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