You Wouldn’t Believe These Animals are Best Friends


Competition between animals drives evolution, and will never be removed from life. But, even though some of them look like dangerous beasts, have their soft side that would warm your heart. Many animals are sociable – at least with their own kind. But, every now and then, however, miracles happen between animals of different species, against all the laws of nature. These little and big fellows are actually inseparable buddies.

1 Cat and gorilla

Koko the gorilla is one of the most studied primates in history. Her handlers have been examining her remarkable ability to understand language, which she turned out that she could, at least some simpler words. Koko communicates in American Sign Language, and has been known to create her own terms for new items and ideas using signs she already knows (calling a ring a ‘finger-bracelet’ for instance). In 1984, Koko asked her trainers whether she might be allowed to keep a pet cat. She chose a grey kitten and called it All Ball. Koko nurtured All Ball as if it were a baby gorilla, and would appear distressed when parted from it. When All Ball was knocked down and killed by a car, Koko was seen to mourn the cat’s death, and use signs for ‘sad’ and ‘frown’ to describe her feelings. She has since had several more pets.

Cat and gorilla

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