World’s first test tube puppies are now 6 months old, all healthy and playful!


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has become a very common procedure for humans to conceive babies around the world. But this amazing technology is not limited just to humans, at least not now! After the news about the seven cute puppies born through IVF, it can be proven that the success rates are possible in animals too. At present it has been successful on dogs, but you may even get your own IVF hamsters in the future! (That suddenly makes the world a better place to live, right?)

Researchers have been spending almost every waking moment to achieve a breakthrough in making dogs conceive through IVF for decades now. But they failed to do so for various reasons until the month of July of the previous year, when the researchers in the UScreated the world’s first test tube puppies. This success is of a gigantic importance as it can help eradicate diseases in dogs and human beings.

1 IVF creation of the puppies

Alex Travis, Associate Professor of Reproductive Biology at the Baker Institute for Animal Health in Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine said that people have been trying to do an IVF in a dog since the mid-1970s, but have been unsuccessful till now.


Something amazing happened in the month of July last year; seven puppies were born of the 19 embryos implanted. The dog that gave birth was a pure beagle. The sperms were taken from cocker spaniel and the eggs were taken from a different beagle in conceiving two of the pups. And the sperms and eggs were collected from two other beagles.

Researchers state that the genetic material from beagles helped in the conception. Jennifer Nagashima, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute doctoral fellow and lead author of the study, one of the scientists behind this astounding achievement, described the cornel litter as “the first live births from in vitro fertilized embryos in the dog.”

IVF creation of the puppies

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