14 Of the best entries of the comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

8 OH GODDD You Lions Are So Funny Hehehehe!

Guess this guy heard the joke too and he can’t stop laughing after all he is a laughing hyena isn’t he?

Lions Are So Funny

Image Source: www.avaxnews.com

9 How You Doing?

I’m a Joey fan, give him my regards will you.

Happy Frog

Image Source: www.guim.co.uk


10 I Bet He’s shooting Me Inspecting His Camera

Foolish human, I’m smarter than you think, we get loads like you with these dumb silly things every day. What’s this one, a Nikon?? Huh!! That’s cool. Filter lenses??

Monkey with camera in hand

Image Source: www.blazepress.com

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