14 Of the best entries of the comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Animals can be hilarious at times. If you have a pet at home, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say their amazing and comical mannerisms can keep one occupied for hours. Animals in the wild are no less as proven by the finalists of this year’s comedy wildlife photography Awards. Be prepared to watch something truly funny and cool at the same time.


1 Uh Oh We Are Now Puddy Tats!! Are We On Snapchat?

These leopards realize at that very spectacular moment that they were being photographed. Kudos to the photographer.

leopards playing

Image Source: www.twimg.com


2 You Talking To Me?

Is this the Travis Bickle of the wild?? Or is it the God Father. Splendid shot just in time.

Bickle of the wild

Image Source: www.imgur.com


3 Look Mommy!! My first Snowball

That’s a cuteness personified and a lovely snowball too. Wonder if he started licking it like ice cream

playing with snowball

Image Source: www.sputniknews.com


4 Could You Please Stop With the Camera?

Boy he looks mad. The big buffalo with a silly bird pooping on his head

big buffalo with a bird on her head

Image Source: www.diply.com


5 I’m Not Gigi Hadid Man!! But I’m Pretty Too Aren’t I?

Did he actually see the bird pooping the buffalo’s head or is he fed up with the photographer

Gigi Hadid

Image Source: www.theplunder.com


6 Time for My Stretches

Now that’s a perfect cute furball and is he smiling??? A perfect shot worth a comedy wildlife photography award.

Time for My Stretches

Image Source: www.sadanduseless.com


7 We are the subject of comedy wildlife awards? That’s hilarious!

‘’Stop being so serious Nala this is priceless; these humans actually don’t realize how funny we find them. Look this guy has no fur and he needs this big black thing to look at us, may be poor eyesight’’.

comedy wildlife awards

Image Source: www.cbsistatic.com


8 OH GODDD You Lions Are So Funny Hehehehe!

Guess this guy heard the joke too and he can’t stop laughing after all he is a laughing hyena isn’t he?

Lions Are So Funny

Image Source: www.avaxnews.com

9 How You Doing?

I’m a Joey fan, give him my regards will you.

Happy Frog

Image Source: www.guim.co.uk

10 I Bet He’s shooting Me Inspecting His Camera

Foolish human, I’m smarter than you think, we get loads like you with these dumb silly things every day. What’s this one, a Nikon?? Huh!! That’s cool. Filter lenses??

Monkey with camera in hand

Image Source: www.blazepress.com


11 Just Go With the Bear Necessities, the Simple Bare Necessities

Wild and carefree, life could never be Bear-tterr!!

Bear in the woods

Image Source: www.abclocal.go.com

12 UH! Oh Caught In the Act

Well!! Is this your lemon Mr. photographer, oh I’m sorry, could you please move the camera out of my face??

Caught In the Act

Image Source: www.deviantworld.com

13 Peek a Boo, I see You!

Betcha didn’t know I was behind you didn’t you?? Scared??

lion closeup

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


14 All Wives Nag

Sidney!!! You forgot to tale out the trash, you laze on the grass the whole day, you eat up all the beetles and bugs and you crap in my living den, how could you, I want a divorce! You craphead!!

Sidney says??? Du-Uh!! Stella You old nag cant you be nice for the photoman at least!! We made it to the comedy wildlife photography awards babe!!

wildlife photography

Image Source: www.rackcdn.com


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