Top 7 Facts about Sharks

They are scary and monstrous killer that wouldn’t spare anyone near them. We have see probably too many shark movies and had a nightmare or two, but these dangerous big fish are actually more than just a huge jaw that would tear you apart in two seconds. Sharks have some incredible survival skills and are some of the oldest creatures who remained to live in the deep waters of the oceans. Well, of course, you’d say, who is their threat? The following list that contains Facts about Sharks

#1. Their immune system can help humans

Sharks are one of the oldest animals with a so-called modern immune system, pretty similar to ours. Strangely it can actually be really helpful for the human immune system (bad news sharks, hopefully the humanity won’t kill all of you). Shark blood contains large quantities of urea, which protects them from dehydrating in their salt water habitat. Urea can also destabilize sensitive protein molecules such as antibodies, and similar levels would destroy those in humans. Sharks have an additional salt bridge between structurally important amino acid chains and a particularly large non-polar nucleus of the Immunoglobulin fold in their antibodies (these complicated explanation means that a they have special adaptations to handle all that urea). Researchers tried to integrat these adaptations into human antibodies, and the results showed increased stability that could lead to improved therapy and diagnosis for human diseases. Thanks sharks!

Their immune system can help humans

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