Top 10 Lake Monsters

You have already heard every myth that is out there about the Loch Ness Lake in Scotland and the monster that lives on the bottom of it. Whether you believe these stories or the blurry photos that are made by tourists or people who intentionally went to see the monster, these stories or myths are still going around. But Loch Ness Lake is not the only lake in the world that has its own monster. Here’s a list of some other not so famous lake Monsters.

#1. Nahuelito

This is the name of the monster that lives in the Argentinean lake Huapi in Patagonia. According to the lake monster professionals, this monster resembles a lot like Nessie, but the people who study these things for the so-called monsters, believe that the critter is a plesiosaurus. That creature allegedly is a swimming dinosaur, creatures that died 65 million years ago.

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