Is Titus the Pit-bull really a rare Albanian breed as the internet is claiming?

There’s a new internet sensation creating a lot of buzz online. The beautiful male model is inviting several oohs’ and Aah’s as he is one beautiful guy. And he’s not HUMAN!! Meet the one and only Titus, the Pitt Bull.

Titus is one of the rarest of Pit Bull breeds and he almost looks like a magnificent leopard sitting pretty waiting to be groomed. What makes Titus unique is the fact that he is one of the few Albanian Pit Bulls in existence. Did that paragraph attract you?? Well read on to find out the real story.

1 Pitbulls are not as aggressive as you think

Dogs as you know are man’s best friend. Pitbulls especially are stereotyped as aggressive dogs but on the contrary they can be very docile and good home dogs. As all dogs, they do have their temperaments, but that is almost always because of poor training and behavioral issues.

Titus on the other hand is a beautiful Pitbull breed but Titus became famous as a big internet April fool’s joke when his owner had him groomed and painted with non toxic pain to look like a rare breed. He simply posted it as Titus the Albanian pit-bull. Of course, there is no such breed. This is how the cute Titus actually looks.

Pitbulls are not as aggressive

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