This dog does something unbelievable – saves lives of 10 new born puppies

It is in the structure of all living things in this world to help out their own kind. Humans, animals and even plants have mechanisms for protecting their own kinds and even others from any and all kinds of harm.


Dogs especially are known to save their kind and even other animals and humans form harm, by alerting others and calling for help. Such is the story of a dog named Hero and how he saved 10 puppies from certain death.

1 Who is Hero – the dog?

Hero is an abandoned dog who was on the target of the dog rescue team Dallas Dogrrr-Rescue, Rehab, Reform in Texas. The dog rescue team was who was trying to rescue him from the park in south Dallas which he had made his home.


However one a recent attempt to catch him, the rescuer Maria Tarashevsce and dog behaviorist John Miller were in for a surprise. They found him barking at the passing cars incessantly, trying to alert them of something.

He looked restless and in emergency of trying to get help from people about something or someone.

Who is Hero – the dog

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2 What turned out to be a surprise of a lifetime?

Maria and John decided to follow the dog. The dog led them to a woodland located nearby, where they came across a burned tree located by a creek.


The surprise came when they found 10 newborn puppies along with their mother, cowering with each other in order to beat the cold. One of the puppies had almost frozen due to the cold and was near death.

Maria Tarachevsce told a TV show that when she and Mr. Miller went to the park to retrieve Hero, he was found barking loudly and trying to get attention from any one he could. She said,” When I got there in the evening, Hero was barking really loudly. And it wasn’t just a regular bark. He just wouldn’t stop and it sounded like he was in distress of some sort.”

She also said that she had seen Hero with the female dog, which has been named Mona quite often and suspected her to be pregnant.

What turned out to be a surprise of a lifetime

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3 The puppies and their mother

All the 10 puppies and their mother who has since been named Mona are now in a foster home, where they are been cared for.

Hero has also joined them and is actively involved, keeping constant vigil on the puppies and the other dog. The dog rescue center speculates that Hero might be the father of the puppies, which has not been confirmed yet.


Dog behaviorist John Miller felt right away that the two needed to follow Hero. He interpreted his barking and movements as a sign that he wanted them to come along. He told CBS ,”He led us there. He took us to the puppies. That is exactly what he was trying to do. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve heard about stuff like this but it was awesome to witness it.”

The puppies and their mother

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4 If the rescuers had not followed Hero

If the rescuers had not followed Hero to that tree, there is a good possibility that probably all of the 10 pups would have died due to lack of care and the cold atmosphere.


One puppy was almost frozen to death and others would have soon followed the same path. It would also have been difficult to save the mother also, as she was exhausted after giving birth to 10 puppies and had no way of finding any food or warmth.

The rescue worker Maria Tarachevsce is also an animal rights activist, added: ‘I still can’t believe it, that he actually led me to the puppies. But I’m so thankful because we wouldn’t have found them otherwise.’

If the rescuers had not followed Hero

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5 What will happen to the pups now?

What will happen to the pups now

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The rescue home Dogrrr rescue will now find homes for the puppies, once they are weaned off their mother.

Along with them, the group is also trying to raise money to cover for the expenses of caring and feeding Mona, the 10 puppies and Hero, who was instrumental in the saving of the said puppies. The fundraising is also for other abandoned animals in the Dallas area.


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