This dog does something unbelievable – saves lives of 10 new born puppies

It is in the structure of all living things in this world to help out their own kind. Humans, animals and even plants have mechanisms for protecting their own kinds and even others from any and all kinds of harm.

Dogs especially are known to save their kind and even other animals and humans form harm, by alerting others and calling for help. Such is the story of a dog named Hero and how he saved 10 puppies from certain death.

1 Who is Hero – the dog?

Hero is an abandoned dog who was on the target of the dog rescue team Dallas Dogrrr-Rescue, Rehab, Reform in Texas. The dog rescue team was who was trying to rescue him from the park in south Dallas which he had made his home.

However one a recent attempt to catch him, the rescuer Maria Tarashevsce and dog behaviorist John Miller were in for a surprise. They found him barking at the passing cars incessantly, trying to alert them of something.


He looked restless and in emergency of trying to get help from people about something or someone.

Who is Hero – the dog

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