15 Potentially Dangerous Things That Usually Look Quite Cute and Innocent


This amphibious duck-billed creature looks harmless and cute but although seemingly adorable, it can be toxic. The platypus has spurs on their ankles that contain toxins. While this isn’t fatal, it can be excruciatingly painful and you can’t treat the pain with regular painkillers. The toxin of a platypus can leave a victim.


The platypus is another animal whose adorable appearance may disarm you; but beware, this cute creature is poisonous. Their venomous ankle spurs (which are not fatal to humans), can cause a level of pain so excruciating it cannot be relieved with traditional painkillers and could even leave its victim devoid of any strength. Research by Discovery Magazine found that platypus venom contains 80 different toxins which can be fatal for small animals and cause pain in humans lasting for weeks on end.


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7Water hemlock

Also known as Cicuta, this plant is very pretty to look at but it can be dangerous. As per the US Department of Agriculture, a water hemlock is a violent plant containing a lot of toxic substances. The toxin can cause nervousness, excess salivation, muscle twitches, rapid pulse, frothing, and constant tremors. The biggest problem is that the water hemlock can be easily mistaken for parsnip and within hours of consuming it, you could succumb to the poison, it is that dangerous.

Water hemlock

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8Blue-ringed octopuses

The blue-ringed octopus is beautiful to look at because of its intrinsic patterns. It lives mostly in tide pools and the coral reefs of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. The weird thing is that while its bite isn’t that harmful and quite painless, it can have a lethal effect on health hours later. Because of the painless bite, its victims don’t even realize they have been bitten until the symptoms set in hours later which can finally end in respiratory arrest.

The octopus venom is a thousand times more powerful than cyanide and more than that of any land mammal, so never take a chance and mess with it if you see one. And, get this, though tiny in size, one dose of its toxin can be fatal for twenty sic humans who would succumb in minutes according to Ocean Conservancy.

Blue-ringed octopuses

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9Siberian Chipmunks

Siberian chipmunks can be cute and cuddly and are only six inches tall but while they aren’t considered dangerous because of aggression, they can endanger your health in other ways. These little critters can spread several types of disease like Lyme disease and rabies resulting in neurological and heart problems. If left untreated such conditions can be fatal too.

Siberian Chipmunks

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Well, no one will guess that dolphins could be on such a list. They are intelligent and highly social animals no doubt but the fact is that Dolphins can become violent for no apparent reason. They have been known to maim their own kind and even kill porpoises for fun and play with the carcass. When there is a female around, male dolphins can act highly aggressive.


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