15 Potentially Dangerous Things That Usually Look Quite Cute and Innocent

How often have you been warned by your parents to be careful when playing outside? This is because the smallest and seemingly harmless things might actually be dangerous. But what is surprising is that though it is common for a child’s sense of wonder to get him into trouble, adults too have a common misconception of certain things they feel are harmless. What you don’t know is that many plants and creatures which may seem small and cute to look at can be actually toxic and dangerous for your health. Here are some of those things in nature that you shouldn’t be too friendly with.


1 Slow loris

The slow loris with its cartoon type big bug eyes may look very cute but don’t be fooled as looks can be deceiving. The loris can be toxic because of its glands are hidden beneath its elbows that contain a toxic substance. Perhaps evolution has gifted it with such a feature for its own protection. The loris licks these glands lacing its tongue with poison and when it bites, you can imagine what happens next.

The toxin of a slow loris can be poisonous for humans who can develop severe allergies. There has also been one fatality reported when a slow loris bit a human causing anaphylactic shock.

Slow loris

Image Source: homesecurity.press

2Palm trees

No, this isn’t a joke, palm trees may be a heavenly godsend in the desert and offer some much-loved shade where they grow but palm trees can be a problem. They grow up to a height of 30 meters and each fruit can weight in excess of 3 pounds. Palm fronds are risky because they can weigh over a hundred pounds. If they fall on a vehicle or a man, the accident could be devastating. One demise was reported in 2014 when a man in LA succumbed after several palm fronds fell on him when he was out on his walk.

Palm trees

Image Source: providr.com


Geese may look harmless but it is also said that a goose can make a good watchdog simply because it can be quite aggressive. They have serrated teeth are highly protective and display the most aggression when their eggs are hatching. A resident of Ottawa was unlucky enough to be the victim of a goose attack that ended in a concussion, a broken cheekbone, and lacerations on the face. As mentioned, geese make great guard animals.


Image Source: mnn.com

4Rosary pea

You should totally avoid eating rosary peas because their seeds can cause a lot of damage. The seeds contain a toxic substance called abrin which is a toxalbumin that is also used by tribals to poison their weapons. It is difficult to believe how such a tiny plant can be so lethal but abrin is considered one of the most fatal toxins on the planet and just one seed if ingested can result in your demise.

Rosary pea

Image Source: www.ourbreathingplanet.com


You might have seen many videos on social media how these furry little babies are kept as pets and they seem pretty harmless but they aren’t because they have sharp teeth. The critters that inhabit the local parks aren’t very aggressive but you should never try to feed them because if they get the wrong idea and think you are about to attack them, they can deliver some nasty bites. Though not toxic, they can transmit diseases like encephalitis, rabies, and salmonella. Rabies, of course, is the most lethal of conditions.


Image Source: trynotlaughs.us


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