These Animal Saviors Will Melt Your Heart


We live in a cruel world where people won’t think twice before killing a rare animal for fun or for money. People who love animals simply can’t be bad people, and if we are going to trust this popular opinion, then the following cases of animal rescues won’t be a surprise. Look at all the photos that would warm your heart and would restore your faith in humanity.

1 Baby panda

Chinese researchers use panda costumes when working with real pandas to make the integrating process easier for the bears. This way the baby pandas who in certain circumstances lost their mothers, feel more comfortable if a giant man dressed in a panda costume comes to them. It may be funny, though this is a smart decision.

Baby panda

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2 Drowning bear

Adam Warwick is the biologist (Wildlife Commission) who helped a drowning black bear and saved her life. The bear t ran into the ocean after an unsuccessful tranquilizer.

Drowning bear

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3 Little bird refreshes in a plate with water

A lady saved this little guy from death, after she found it on the ground in her back yard. The day was extremely hot and the little bird apparently couldn’t take the heat.

Little bird refreshes in a plate with water

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4 Strayed dogs and their grandma

This old lady loves dogs so much, she decided to feed them and take care of them even though they aren’t her home pets. It seems they love her equally they way she loves them.

Strayed dogs and their grandma

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5 Boy saves dog

Monsoon rains caused a terrible flood in Manila, the Philippines. In these bad weather conditions, where even human beings can’t get enough help and can drown, it is a real miracle to see such a selfless act like this one. This boy saved the dog and carried it on his back, protecting it from the water.

Boy saves dog

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6 Man feeds a seal puppy

Look at that little face, we sure are smiling. A man patiently feeds this seal puppy a at a seal-rehabilitation center in the Netherland. It is the same way as if you were feeding a kid. That towel over its head makes us go ‘awww’.

Man feeds a seal puppy

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7 These two guys

A penguin watches as Richard Tesore of Rescate Fauna Marina holds a rescued baby La Plata river dolphin.

These two guys

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8 These kitties

A villager carries stranded kittens in a basket on top of his head, to dry land during floods in Cuttack City, India.

These kitties

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9 Japanese man rescues a baby porpoise

Ryo Taira lifts a little porpoise out of a flooded rice field after it was swept by a tsunami in Sendai, Japan. He found the porpoise struggling in the shallow seawater and after failing to net it, waded into the field to cradle the baby animal in his arms.

Japanese man rescues a baby porpoise

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10 This fellow kangaroo

Look how safe it feels in the arms of the man that saved it from a flood that happened in Australia. We need more people like this wonderful human being.

This fellow kangaroo

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11 This moment

A police officer guards a mother duck and her babies while they walk down the street. He makes sure they arrive safely to the pavement. This is beyond adorable.

This moment

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12 This little injured monkey

A vet in Belize takes care of this baby Howler Monkey whose arm is in a plaster. The baby monkey looks calm and safe in the lap of his guardian.

This little injured monkey

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13 This fox saved from drowning

Two brave guys in Saskatchewan, Canada swam through flood waters to save this stranded fox, risking their own lives. The ending was happy, nobody was hurt.

This fox saved from drowning

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14 This brave soldiers who helped a baby goat

This group of marines tooka break during the Battle of Okinawa only to give a baby goat something to drink.

This brave soldiers who helped a baby goat

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15 The piglet that was lucky to have these

Whoever adopted this piglet made one great deed. The piglet was born without its back legs, so the owners or the vet made artificial “legs” with wheels made of toy parts. This way the piglet is able to move without problems.

The piglet that was lucky to have these

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