Tasmanian Devils are threatened by a fatal Cancer and Science has just discovered the reason why

Scientists have found some amazing facts involving a common disease that attacks Tasmanian devils. devils facial tumor or DFT repeatedly attacks Tasmanian devils and is virtually incurable. However research has now found that tumor cells in the DFT possess the ability to disguise them and hide from the animals immune systems. The tumor uses a kind of molecular deception found in human cancers to build a force shield around it disallowing the immune system to recognize and attack it.

Research published recently observed how DFT cells hide from the Tasmanian devils immune system by not expressing molecules that can be recognized by the immune system. The discovery of the molecular shield provides scientist valuable data in understanding the disease so that effective medication can now be formulated to cure or prevent it.

1 Modern day immunotherapy is now the first line defense against cancer

Modern day cancer therapy besides chemotherapy and surgery also uses the process of stimulation of immune cells to target the tumor cells. 2013 saw a major breakthrough in successful immunotherapy. The procedures of stimulating Immune checkpoint molecules have advanced rapidly in regulating and improving the immune system. The therapy has now emerged as the first line of defense in cancer treatment. The benefit of checkpoint molecules is the control over the procedure that can be stopped whenever desired.The need for regulation and control is the harsh fact that the immune system is so powerful that in killing cancer cell it can also end up damaging healthy organ tissue as well.

immunotherapy first line defense against cancer

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