Tallest dogs in the world – Only for dog lovers

Dogs are delectable. They are very loyal to their masters. Possessing a pet is like having a lovable family friend at home. Owning a pet depicts a lot about your personality. In recent days, owning a pet is a matter of status, specially growing the exclusive breeds adds to reputation of a person. People now show more interest towards growing these giant dogs as a personal hobby or matter of status too. Owning these dogs is very expensive and their maintenance cost is even higher.
Let’s take a look!


10 Kuvasz

Kuvaszock aka Hungarian Kuvasz, originates from Hungary. This dog is mainly used to protect the cattle. Kuvasz is considered to be an intelligent dog, with a good sense of humor during its adolescence through adult period. The pet is very patient and expects independence in its doing. It is also very cunning. The average height of an adult male dog is from 70 to 76 cm and the weight ranges from 45 to 52 kg, for a female dog, the average weight of a female dog will be from 32 to 41kg and the height is from 70 to 76 cm. The female dog can give birth to 8 puppies and the life span of the dog is from 10 – 12 years.


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9 Caucasian Mountain Dog

Caucasian Mountain Dogs are of the origin Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. The price of a puppy ranges from $1550 to $1700. The average height and weight of a male adult dog is 75cm and the weight is 50 kg. The Caucasian could easily be affected with health issues, which could kill them early. The dogs are very intelligent and at times destructive, which can be taken care with proper training.

Caucasian Mountain Dog

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8 The Swiss Mountain Dog

Swiss Mountain Dogs originated from Switzerland. An adult dog can grow up to 72cm with a size of 70 kg. The average life of the dog is up to 11 years and it can lay 18 puppies. This dog is very active and powerful. The price of the dog ranges from $1550 to 1700.

The Swiss Mountain Dog

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7 Scottish Deer hound

Scottish Deer hounds are available in Blue, gray, red and yellow color. It can grow to a height of 32 inches with a weight of 110 lbs. The price of a puppy is around $600. It can litter 15 puppies in a time. The average life span of this dog is 9 years.

Scottish Deerhound

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6 Borzoi

Borzoi’s are also called as the Russian Woolf hound as their origin is from Russia. They are very gentle in nature. They grow in big size but are not very good watch dogs. An adult dog can grow up to 85 cm weighing 48 kg. It can lay 11 puppies at a time. The Average life span is 12 years. The price of a Borzoi puppy ranges from $1000.


Image Source: www.petguide.com


5 Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are also called as the guardian dogs, since they can watch their master’s cattle without any guidance. They also protect the livestock from wild animals, including cheetahs. This dog is deeply devoted. It can reach a height of 81 cm with a weight of 65 kg. It can be seen in the color fawn and brindle. It can lay 10 puppies in a shot and its life span is 15 years. The price of a puppy varies from $400 to $600.

Anatolian Shepherd

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4 English Mastiff

English Mastiff is the largest dog breed in the world. The dog’s color is limited to fawn, but it comes with a black mask on its face. The dog is very massive. The country of origin for this dog is England. It can grow up to a height of 76 cm with a weight of 113 kg. The price of a puppy ranges from $800 to $1800, depending on the color and quality of the breed.

English Mastiff

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3 St. Bernard

Saint Bernards originate from Switzerland. These dogs are classified as the working dogs, since they adjust with family and are very friendly towards the children. Irrespective of their height of 90 cm they are very social towards families. But, they need to be properly trained to be social. The price of a puppy is around $ 400.

St. Bernard

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2 Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhounds are considered as the one of the tallest breeds among the dogs. This dog is mainly used for hunting purposes because of their ability envisage the geographical locations. The country of origin of the Irish Wolfhound is Ireland. The dog attains a height of a mature male dog is 32 inches and the weight is 120 lbs. This breed builds a tight relationship with the family that grows it, but it is aggressive in nature, because of its size, it damages the things at home. This dog is also social with the other dogs that it grows with. The price of a puppy ranges from $1000 to $2000.

Irish Wolfhound

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1 The Great Dane

Great Dane is tallest breed among the dogs. This breed has originated from the Germany. The average height of a male dog is 76cm and the weight is 54kg. The life span of this dog is 8 years. This is also considered as the State dog of Pennsylvania. This dog possesses strong and long legs, which is vital for hunting purposes. The value of a Great Dane puppy is $ 1000.

The Great Dane

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