Some of the Strangest Animal Accidents

They too have lives full with dramatic situations, accidents and bad days and some of them are pretty serious. In the continuation we have some of strange and sad animal accidents.


1 Sheep Abseiled Down Electricity Cable After Snagging Its Horn

How on earth did this happen? This sheep was inadvertently abseiling down a hill when its horn became snagged on an electricity wire.The unfortunate sheep was spotted bleating for help more than 15 feet above the ground next to a telegraph pole. Luckily it did not catch the current from the wire. The drama unraveled at the small town of Helgoysund on the Norwegian coast. The animal was lucky, because the tourists who saw her mounted a rescue attempt and eventually roped it to pull it back to ground level. After nearly an hour, and some ingenious rope work, the German tourists managed to bring the sheep down unharmed. Spectators suggested the sheep may have been grazing on the hill, and while trying to reach a field of ewes, it got its horn stuck on the zip wire. As it got more agitated, it was pulled down the hill on the wire it was attached to and ended up more than five meters above the ground. If we didn’t see this photo, we’d be convinced that this case was from a cartoon.

Sheep Abseiled Down Electricity Cable After Snagging Its Horn

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2 Puppy Survives Miraculously After Swallowing a Toy Arrow

If you have a dog, you already know that they like chewing and eating everything and anything. But Betty the bull terrier must have regretted her greed and curiosity after she swallowed a plastic arrow that was almost as long as herself (around 20 cm). Thankfully, the Staffordshire bull terrier survived after undergoing emergency surgery to remove the item after it became lodged halfway through her body from the aesophagus to her small intestine. Her owner, Emma Watson believes her pet gobbled up the arrow after disappearing into her seven-year-old daughter Lilly-Jay’s playhouse when a gust of wind opened the door.

The dog is now recovering, but she doesn’t seem to have learned her lesson; as soon as she got home she tried to eat the TV remote control.

Puppy Survives Miraculously After Swallowing a Toy Arrow

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3 Bird Set a House on Fire with a Cigarette

A sparrow that was fond of cigarettes is being blamed for a fire that caused £250,000 of damage to a shop in Lincolnshire. Paul Sheriff is the man who runs Crescent Stores in Leasingham, was initially at a loss as to what had caused the blaze. Six weeks later, insurance investigators told him that they discovered 35 cigarette ends in the roof. Their conclusion was a sparrow must have picked up a smoldering butt to feather its nest in the roof’s eaves, causing the blaze. Mr Sheriff is a non-smoker explained that the shop was a total mess. All the suspended ceilings went down, all the electrics too, all the fridges were broken.

Bird Set a House on Fire with a Cigarette

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4 Skunk Got Stuck in a Jar

An unfortunate skunk stuck its head stuck in a peanut butter jar in downtown Bixby. The woman who spotted the animal said that the hungry skunk was just looking for a meal when it got its head caught in a discarded jar. The lady called several places before she found Ned Bruha, The Skunk Whisperer. She kept the skunk corralled as she waited. According to Ned Bruha, all wildlife wants is food, water and shelter (of course, they do). Apparently peanut butter was irresistible to skunks. The animal found peanut butter and got itself into a little bit of trouble. Ned used a rag soaked in chloroform to mildly sedate the skunk before pulling the jar off its head, and wasn’t even sprayed by the appreciative skunk. The skunk just seemed happy to be free once more, and ran off unharmed.

Skunk Got Stuck in a Jar

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5 Pig Swallows Diamond from a Wedding Ring

Now, that’s a real problem! The pig has swallowed the diamond from a woman’s wedding ring that cost £1500. The Kune Kune pig named Ginger, found the precious stone delicious after Anne Moon put her hand into its mouth. When the woman pulled her hand away, the diamond had gone. Paul Caygill, who owns the attraction, had to pick through Ginger’s sty to find the gem. Mr Caygill said the pigs do not bite and he was surprised Ginger had grabbed the ring. Well, diamonds are diamonds, the pig liked it so it decided to take it.

Pig Swallows Diamond from a Wedding Ring

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