Seven Mythological Animals that man at one time believed actually Existed

Throughout history, man has always had a deep rooted sense of fear over the supernatural. It is possibly this particular fear that has lead our ancestors and even some today to believe in fantastic beasts and no we aren’t going to tell you where to find them. Be it a figment of man’s imagination or a magical perspective of rare animals that existed centuries ago, here are 7 mythical animals thought to exist by humans. Unfortunately, they don’t although we would love to believe they do.

1 Unicorn

The Unicorn believed to be a magical animal has always has always graced every book on mythology and folklore. In Greek history especially, the Unicorn is widely mentioned. As a legendary creature with a single horn and always colored white as a symbol of purity, its pictures have been found in many seals of the Indus Valley Civilization. What is surprising to note is that the Unicorn is not mentioned much in Greek mythology as much as it finds a pride of place in Greek history.


Ancient Greek historians believed in the existence of the magical creature who they claimed could be found a lot in India. Historians like Ctesias and Pliny all give references to the Unicorn whom they described as a one horned animal. However, till now there has never been any true evidence to support that such an animal ever existed.


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