17 Precious Before And After Photographs Of Animals Grown Up Together That Are Simply Adorable

13Riff and Osiris

Riff is the family’s pet rat who was rescued when he was only 4 weeks old. It seems, the huge German shepherd Osiris took an instant liking to this wee little fellow and now they have become the best of buddies.

Riff and Osiris

Image Source: www.tronya.co

14Cats and dogs

The expression isn’t always right and these pictures prove it so. These two friends had one thing in common. They both were found at a shelter and were about to be euthanized when they were both adopted at the same time. It seemed that has made a special bond between them.

Cats and dogs

Image Source: woofposts.com

15Charlie and Biddy

This is Charlie the adorable little hedgehog and the dog is his sister Biddy. They are both inseparable and as you can see here, their family takes them on outdoor adventures together. This is really cute.

Charlie and Biddy

Image Source: shareably.net

16Bella and Blue

A small pup can grow into a bug dog right in front of your eyes and as shown here, you can see how fast the little thing has grown since her little pic. These two are Bella on the left and Blue on the right.

Bella and Blue

Image Source: veetrina.ru


These are two Staffordshire bull terriers and are always ready to pose for the camera. They also love to dress up and seem to look really proud in their colorful clothes and quilts. They also seem very comfy too.


Image Source: Fakto.bg

18What really happened?

Now this is really funny. If only we knew what must be playing in the spaniels head. At one time both these huskies were babies and he seemed a giant to them and now suddenly he is the midget instead.

What really happened

Image Source: lifeandjoy.ru


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